Snowing at Mississippi shore – Video

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

SNOW MEETS SAND! The flakes are falling at Mississippi’s shore — Bay St. Louis, MS

Thanks to Mom2Kids for this video

3 thoughts on “Snowing at Mississippi shore – Video

  1. I am old enough to remember another event very similar to. When my daughter who is now 60, was an infant, that would be probably 1957 or 58, it snowed all the way from S Texas to Florida. I do not mean a light scattering of snow, I mean 3-4 inches in Rockport, TX and all along the Gulf Coast. I do not know how far inland it went. I remember it well because I was in Rockport, Tx. My parents were en route to Key West and they drove in snow all the way to Florida. I do not know how deeply it was into Florida, certainly not all the way to Key West. A weather person should be able to look this up.

  2. I was in an RV campsite at Abita Springs just across the lake from New Orleans on Xmas day 2004. It snowed for a few hours that day and the roads all round New Orleans were closed as they didn’t have any equipment to de ice etc. We were over from the UK for a year long road trip around Canada and the USA and it made for a weird and unexpected Xmas holed up in the Deep South.
    We also hit snow at Carlsbad Caverns in mid November

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