It’s Snowing on Mt. Hood Right Now

And at 4:31 pm it’s only 14 degrees F  (minus 10 C).  Does this mean summer is over?

20 Sep 2017 – The snow level will remain under 6000 ft. until about Friday, according to the National Weather Service, which had forecast between 9 and 13 inches of new snow accumulation last evening and between 4 and 8 inches today.

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  1. Tuesday 9/18/2017, Crater Lake National park received 4 inches of snow at the headquarters with higher amounts on the rim. Another 8 inches is expected to fall on Wednesday (yesterday). Snow level was down to 5000 ft. in my area but no snow fell. Low last night was 28*…

  2. in fairness to summer not being over yet. Mt. Hood is known to have the ability to get snow nearly year around and most years has year round skiing for one patch one the mountain.
    That stated, the pattern that started last year for the cascades and PNW and brought 7 feet of snow to some ski resorts ahs continued. Temps are lower all over and places are getting snow now that usually do not get cold enough temperatures for snow until Halloween. Personally, I’m planning on going to Tahoe week before Thanksgiving and am hoping I am not snowed in this year; usually Tahoe is still begging for snow mid-November; but at minimum weather patterns have changed and more likely that is because we’re going thru a minimum now.

  3. 22-Sept-2017…
    If I could post pictures I would, we woke up to fog and another frost overnight here in SE Washington state, not a hard frost, however, I did have to scrape the windows on the car this morning.
    I also set the furnace to 55*F… it did kick on this morning too.
    I just checked the temperature at the local airport, 43*F… checking back over a few years data… its colder…

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