Snowing now at Jackson Hole Summit

See mountain cam.

Not unheard of at that elevation in May but it’s not hot mountain bike riding weather.

Thanks to Oly for this link

10 thoughts on “Snowing now at Jackson Hole Summit”

  1. I just came through there last month. Amazing! I cannot go back the way I came to Port Townsend from Arizona, through Riverton and The Tetons. Spring looks like winter here!

  2. Italy: Congresswoman Sara Cunial Tells It All. Unloads On Gates & Soros – Exposes Their Agenda!! (Translated to English) – wow that’s guts. Can you Imagine a Canadian or American Member of Parliament/Congress Standing up and Giving this Speech?!

    from comment below vid:
    More to this. Second wave…. when people’s immune systems are so screwed up due to lack of proper nutrition, fear and uncertainty reigns in their minds, the final blow…’the kill shot’…5G turned on across america. History repeats itself. The Spanish Flu which is what is playing out today like from a playbook…we see it unfolding in horror before our eyes.

    • Most folks don’t like reality… just “reality” shows. They are repulsed by reality and reason and logic if it is not delivered by their TV gods. They’re easy pickin’s by the eugenicists… and this cull is a ‘must-be’.

  3. It does seem very strange that all these rare but not unheard snowfalls are happening at a time when the ‘experts’ tell us the planet is approaching melting point.


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