Snowing in Slovenia – Videos

Unexpected snowfall.

27 April 2016 – Maribor – Slovenia

Thanks to Alex Tanase for these videos.

“Snow is unexpected in Slovenia for the end of April!” says Alex. “Didn’t find anything in media about this.”

5 thoughts on “Snowing in Slovenia – Videos”

  1. Another arctic plunge will push polar air currently over the UK down to ward alpine regions.
    This cold blob of air will then become stationary over the Adriatic for the next week and develop into a region of low pressure.
    Above the European alpine regions, winter and spring will continue to flip flop as a series of cold fronts pass over the region from the very large, stationary low pressure system situated between Iceland and Norway leaving North Western Europe in a cold North Westerly air stream for the next 10 days. This should extend the Scottish and Alpine Ski season for a period possibly to the end of May.

  2. Spring frost damages in vineyards in France: Burgundy (see for example Facebook page of Domaine Dubois), Loire valley, region of Languedoc and Roussillon, in Austria too. I have no time to check for more vine regions in Europe but probably more reports could be found. Probably damage for orchards in some areas too.

  3. Major snowfall yesterday over much of Scotland after coldest late April spell since 1986. Cairngorm ski centre now staying open into May.

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