Snowing in Washington State

See webcams.

“Just Lovely,” says reader Chris Beale. “Summer Snow today at @CrystalMt will have to add to the 522″ season total”

These screen shots are from about 10:00 this morning.
See live webcam link below.

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Live webcam link: …

6 thoughts on “Snowing in Washington State

  1. We’re 5 days away from Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, this morning I noticed on my basic indoor/outdoor thermometer that it was 4*C outside my house at 04:00 in Pullman WA.

  2. So beautiful! Or should I say, snow beautiful?

    While the official records will show once again “record high temps” for the month of May and perhaps June, looking at the temperature contour maps of the global NH show large areas of both the north Pacific and north Atlantic having colder-than-normal temperatures while land-based locations are sweltering. As water has the thermal capacity 1000x that of air, cold air aloft over the oceans does little for any length of time as opposed to over land, where cold can be sustained as the earth cools. Since we ONLY live on land, only the land-based temperature record has any meaning to global temperatures.

    Cold and snow in Washington state … in the middle of June? Not a bad thing, unless this is the precursor to a much longer period of sustained cold that will impact all of the Northern Hemisphere.

  3. in 2009? there was more snow at our ski resorts on MEMORIAL day than there was in January. there was skiing on the 4th of July weekend.

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