Snowing in the western Alps

“It’s quite early for snowing season to start.”


Hi Robert,

I am in France, in Briançon near the Italian border.

Today it snowed at least at 2000 m. It’s quite early for snowing season to start.

Have a nice day!

Dr Mirco Poletto

8 thoughts on “Snowing in the western Alps”

  1. I have been watching cams in the Austrian Tyrol. There has been snow falling down to 2000 metres there since early September.

    • So? I went to Austria in July 1981 and it snowed 20cm down to 800m. I lived there from early September 1982 to early July 1983 and snow fell regularly down to 2000m in September and October.

      This is not abnormal…..

  2. I saw the white patch on Sky news the other day and thought that it was a bit early!

    Obviously, the Sky presenter never mentioned it as they bang the climate change drum loudly every time there is anotherbig storm/hurricane.

  3. I’m not surprised, In the UK we have a Blocking High parked in Mid Atlantic, a large low over Scandinavia and a Northerly/North Westerly Arctic airstream established for the last 4 days and possibly for the next 5 days which has reduced day time temperatures to 15C and night time temperatures to low single figures.
    Remembering that the UK is surrounded by warmish water at this time of year, otherwise we would be up to the neck in “inconvenient” amounts of snow.
    Yet last year, at the same time of year, with the Jet Stream wind direction in the opposite direction a record 34C was recorded.
    Meridional weather systems happen during every decent of the Solar cycle into Solar Minimum and the end of the current cycle in some three years from now.
    The main feature of the Solar minimum period – No Sun spots or very, very few full sized Wolf sun spot, without Sun Spot, the levels of UV and EUV are reduced by as much as 16%. Hence the meridional nature of the world Jet streams.

  4. Got a photo from Wolfgangsee in Austria a couple weeks ago and there was snow on the mountains. Was there in June and there wasn’t any snow.

    If things don’t change this might be the winter that all the “ice age” and “solar minimum” people have been expecting.

  5. Very strange! Here is Utah, U.S.A. we don’t have any snow even at 10,000 feet ( 3050 meters ) but I suspect a lack of moisture for that. But our low temp at night at my house elevation ( 1442 meters ) has only been getting about 58F ( 14.4 C ) and with a normal lapse rate the temp that would be about 48F ( 8.8 C ) at 2000 meters. So it has not been cold enough to snow at 2000 meters here yet. But my latitude here is about the same as Madrid, Spain so we’re much further south and the Alps.

  6. Snow watchers in Scotland have reported that Ben Nevis had no late summer snow patches for the first time since 2006. However, some light new season snow has fallen above 4000 feet.

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