Snowplow bumps into car buried in snow – Finds woman inside

When the snowplow bumped into the back of the car, the vehicle’s trunk popped open. When workers from the plow truck started shoveling around the vehicle to prepare to tow it, the woman put her hand on the window from the inside.

Turned out that she was OK.

6 thoughts on “Snowplow bumps into car buried in snow – Finds woman inside”

  1. interesting..shows how useless all the doodads on vehicles are if you cant open a window when the batterys flat!.
    bit like the recent crematorium tesla event where they couldnt access the doorhandles to free the driver

  2. Lots of homeless, or “new age nomads” as the leftists call them around here.
    San Fran is lousy with old dilapidated RV’s. So long as they move once every 72 hours they are legal to park on the streets.
    There are two guys in a public lot near my home that have lived in two RV’s for at least the last 5 years.
    Its a different world.

    • at least they have some time allowed to stay. I gather some places they get harassed quickly.
      while its not ideal Id have to think not everyone living that way is doing it by any free choice, but rather necessity.
      when your health care system means selling your home for the bills, and wages are so damned low for the the hell people do survive, is pretty amazing.If you didnt have drink drug depression issues before? then its no surprise many do after.

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