Snowpocalypse in northern Mexico

“Highways are jammed with stuck semi’s and are not moving at all.”

Here are excerpts from a post today from Jim Stone, who lives in Mexico:

Highways are jammed with stuck semi’s and are not moving at all. The Mexican states of Sonora, Chiuaua, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Durango, and Zacotecas are all experiencing freezing temperatures of -5 celsius or more during the day. It is obviously going to freeze in Aguascalientes and Guanajuato tonight.

The Mexican news showed scenes of highways in all the states above, and it looks like a snowpocalypse. Some areas are just good for snowball fights but they went through the states one at a time and several of them had snow so deep the semis were stranded on the highways. The video they showed had everything at a standstill

The tropics are defined as zones that do not freeze. Much of this snow zone is below the tropic of cancer. The entire country of Mexico is predominantly frozen from coast to coast. It has been decades since that has happened. This would be impossible if global warming was as advertised, and snowstorms really are a thing of the past. Al Gore just got exposed by an inconvenient truth!

Yes, and while Mexico is stuck in the snow, Mexicans are enjoying a very steep new U.N. mandated carbon tax!

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  1. What a conundrum, do climate scientists totally ignore this or claim it was part of the climate change they were predicting?

  2. 12/8/2017 Heavy Snowfall in Several Parts of Morocco Next Week
    (MENAFN – Morocco World News) Photo credit: Saadia Dinia Rabat – In a Warning Weather Report, the National Meteorological Directorate (NMD) has announced from Monday to Tuesday and from Tuesday to Thursday in several parts of Morocco.
    As of Monday at 6 p.m., in the provinces of Ifrane, Khénifra, Azilal, Al Haouz, Beni Mellal, Midelt, Boulemane, Figuig and the reliefs of Chichaoua, Sefrou and Ouarzazate, the snowfall will vary between 30 and 50 centimeters, to stop Tuesday evening.

  3. Not “an inconvenient truth”, but “a convenient lie”… which has been his role, conscious or not, doesn’t matter as his role, like most of the govt puppets, is to keep the sheeple distracted from Mother Nature’s cyclical role… like any con game… but sooner or later, like any Hollywood disaster film, the govt will admit something is going on… that ‘something wicked this way comes’.. but only when it’s F’ing obvious… and can’t be hidden any longer.

  4. Sorry but this guy at is nuts.

    Anyone who asserts that vaccination programs (which have been one of the prime reasons for increasing the lifespan of humans) are really thinly veiled genocide program isn’t playing with a full deck.

    References such as this diminish credibility.

    Vaccine programs are responsible for saving countless millions of lives from death and misery from all sorts of communicable disease causing death, disfigurement or disability over the period since 1796 when Jenner noticed the mild cow pox “milkmaids” suffered protected them from the deadly smallpox which has since been eradicated.

    Anyone who sees this as an evil genocidal conspiracy simply isn’t playing with a full deck !

  5. Roscoe I think too many vaccinations are given too soon and it’s why my nephew has autism to this day. I don’t need medical professionals to lie to me to what I have seen first hand just like I don’t need climate scientists trying to say the world is warming when I’m personally experiencing something different. There is a link to the cellular structure in boys being weaker than in girls and an autoimmune reaction to the vaccinations is causing autism (80% of the new cases are boys). It’s not that they are trying to kill us that’s tin foil hatish but there’s definitely enough evidence to suggest spacing some of these shots out its too much too soon

    • Whilst not wishing to denigrate your family circumstances I must state that as someone who worked in Public Health vaccination programs for more than 20 years I can tell you that I have been reliably informed that there is no evidence linking vaccination to adverse medical outcomes. Unless all of the medical authorities our Public Health administrations cite are lying I see no reason to doubt them.

      I have been personally responsible for organising vaccinations for many tens of thousands of children from age 2 months to teenagers and have never been confronted with any claims of harm.

      What evidence that exists is either anecdotal or the result of subsequently discredited studies.

      The WHO program in Africa involved administering the course of vaccines our children would normally receive over several years in one single event. The reason cited for this was that it was unlikely that children would be presented for subsequent treatments for various reasons including transience as a result of “political” violence. These children are less robust that well nourished “westerners”.

      WHO have a proud record of improving Public Health in “third world” countries and any hint of scandal associated with their vaccination campaigns would rightly make worldwide headlines and bring about incredible criticism in today’s combative social media world.

      So I am sorry you feel that way but I have little doubt that vaccination is not only highly beneficial to humanity but essential given how we have misused antibiotics – many of the very dangerous diseases that people are vaccinated for are bacterial.

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