Snowstorm closes road in eastern Yellowstone

“It’s snowed there for days, even during the middle of the day,” says reader. “It must be adding up by now: Newsworthy because it’s also the Park’s Centennial. Yellowstone isn’t even known for Glaciers, and it’s like 500 miles south of Glacier Park.”

25 Aug 2016 –  According to the Yellowstone Insider, “the Beartooth Highway is closed on the Wyoming side, owing to winter conditions.”

“According to the Wyoming Department of Transportation, as of 9:07 a.m. MST, U.S. 212 between WY 296 and the Beartooth Pass was shut down after an abrupt snowstorm created icy conditions on the road.

“There is no indication at this time when the Wyoming DOT will reopen the road.”

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15 thoughts on “Snowstorm closes road in eastern Yellowstone”

  1. The largest glaciers in Wyoming are 100 miles south of Yellowstone in the winds. Where 12000+ ft peaks shade them from the sun. They are also some of the largest glaciers in the Lower 48.

  2. Considering summer road closures, I’m curious now. Do you think the PNW could be cut off from the rest of the continental US because of the mountain snows? I imagine it’d still be accessible through California, but looking at the topography, PNW might have trouble importing/exporting easily if those passes become too inundated.

  3. In defense of Global Warming Scientists everywhere I would just like to remind everyone that they only claimed that WINTERS would be soon free of snow.

    They said absolutely nothing about SUMMERS.

  4. Meanwhile, in the southern hemisphere:

    Czech woman, Pavlina Pizova, survived a month in a Routeburn Track hut after her partner died after slipping down a bluff where the “conditions were extreme, with low cloud and heavy snow.” The Search and Rescue team which eventually found her said “staying was the only action she could take and she had shown courage, resilience and common sense.”

    This track is in the Fiordland National Park in the southwest of the South Island: it’s normally a summer-only hike due to the altitude of the alpine passes, however a group I was with were snowed-in for a day during high summer back in the late 1980s. Always be prepared for four seasons in one day in these parts.

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