Snowtober cuts power to 1.7 million

An unusually early and powerful snowstorm struck the U.S. East Coast today, knocking out power to 1.7 million customers.

“Snowtober,” the Weather Channel calls it. An “historic winter storm.”

Some towns near the Maryland-Pennsylvania border received more than 10 inches of snow.

More than 200,00 lost power in Pennsylvania, and more than 140,000 in New Jersey … with more to come.

New York City’s Central Park set a snowfall record for both the date and the month of October with 1.3 inches of snow by midafternoon and more falling.

10 thoughts on “Snowtober cuts power to 1.7 million”

  1. More than 2 million lose power during rare October storm..and 2 dead.

    Mind you, it’s hardly started yet. This is just the wet snow effect. Winds, gusting up to 50 mph are expected overnight across all areas currenly being slammed by snow. High winds hitting snow-and-ice laden trees means LOTS more power lines down. In Connecticut, power companies are already saying that it could be many days before power is restored.

    • —Just to say, Frank, that I giggled like mad at your comment. It’s what we’ve been saying about the OCCUPY lot who are ‘camping’ (except at night when they go home to nice warm beds) in front of St Paul’s Cathedral in London. We’re hoping like mad that it will either pour with rain or drop a couple of feet of snow on them.

  2. In 2008 we had snow before Halloween for the first time I could remember. Now 5-6″ is more than we ever had by this date in Chalfont PA. I now live in the Baja so I am getting pics from relatives which are unbelievable. I am 68 – born in ’43.

  3. coming from a place it doesnt snow, I always wondered why the homes didnt have gutters to save precious rain..yeah snow and ice wipes em out:-) I thought about it.
    however, why is there no effort to compress snow and store it, for summer use, surely water tanks could be filled? or dump it into reservoirs?
    just curious.

  4. Well I guess the “Gore effect” is working remarkably well ^_^

    Snow now a thing of the past ???? They told us that 10 years ago.

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