Welcome to snowy Florida

Welcome to snowy Florida

Here’s a photo taken this morning on Interstate 10 coming into Florida and posted on Facebook from one of my friends.


Also the state of Georgia is in one hell of a mess – bridges iced over and traffic at a standstill.  The state DOT was totally unprepared for the snow in North Georgia earlier today.

I have family members who have been stuck for hours in snow and ice on I-75

– David Christian

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  1. Well I guess Green Peace will have to get the Raging Grannies to knit sweaters for the gators and pythons. Just kidding.

  2. Wow! This picture shatter whole image that I had in my mind about Florida until today : sun, heat, palm trees …and here and there a storm, a hurricane…

  3. Global Warming doesn’t seem to have just stopped like many Scientists are now saying. It seems to me to have been putt into full pedal to the metal reverse.

  4. I didn’t watch the president’s SOTU speech last night, but I haven’t heard that he said anything about global warming. A number of people were expecting this. I am guessing that Obama made the wiser choice to keep quiet about it given the terrible weather the southeast is getting.

    By invoking “global warming,” or “climate change” to usher in a whole host of new EPA regulations, he would be inviting more debate. Debate is certainly something the AGW proponents and alarmists can’t afford at this time in view of the present weather conditions.

      • ““But the debate is settled. Climate change is a fact.”

        Barack Obama

        “Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels.”

        Michael Crichton

        Though he wrote fiction, Michael Crichton was a real scientist. Barack Obama isn’t.

        • Another word on consensus, not directly related to climate change, but may offer some encouragement to us “deniers.”

          I watched a documentary about John F Kennedy’s legacy and how his presidency affected later presidents. It was on PBS (Public Broadcasting System, US Public Television), and PBS is as greenie weenie, leftie, toe the party line as it gets. To my amazement, regarding Kennedy’s assassination, and the Warren Commission Investigation that followed, the documentary admitted that the Warren Commission’s findings were determined in advance “for the good of the country,” before the Commission even met or had conducted any investigation. And the documentary made no claim that there was no conspiracy and Oswald acted alone, because most Americans, and I suspect everyone else, simply don’t believe these claims anymore.

          The Warren Commission delivered a rigged conclusion, a false consensus, and although it has taken fifty years, official channels finally have no choice but to admit the truth.

          There is hope, but it requires patience persistence, and faith.

          • PPS, For those who don’t remember, the Warren Commission was named for Earl Warren, who was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court at the time. Think about it. Somebody persuaded the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court to deliberately lie to the American people, and the world.

    • I was listening to his speach. He mention the drought, and that he has been active to prevent carbon polution, something like that. Nothing about the big chill.

      So there you have it. From
      “Global Warming”
      “Climate Change”
      and now “Carbon Polution”.

      What is the next term they are coming up with, do you have a guess?

  5. LOL! That’s an old photo and has been around for several years, but it still brings a laugh. Thanks!
    The weather across the South now though, is no laughing matter at all. Some people spent the night in their vehicles. An Atlanta Fox News employee left work at four PM on a forty minute commute and arrived home at three AM. (Morning show on Fox)

    • That photo may date back to the “superstorm” of March 1993. A good 4″ of snow hit Pensacola (just E of that sign) and Mobile. That same storm brought blizzards to nearly the entire eastern seaboard.

  6. Using Google Earth I see the latitude of the border is about 30 N.

    I also see the country is not mountainous – it seems relatively flat plain not too far above sea level – certainly seems less than 1000 feet.

    In Australia this is approximately similar to northern New South Wales such ad Coffs Harbour.

    I don’t think it has ever been known to snow at Coffs Harbour. I hardly ever wore warm clothing in the many times I visited my partner’s family who lived near there.

    Another benefit of having ocean separating us from Antarctica whilst the northern hemisphere is predominantly land mass between the lower latitudes and the Arctic.

    • I even walked 7 miles for exercise today! I love the fact the polar airmass pushed the heat over to us.

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