So what if the Earth’s magnetic North Pole reverses? – Video

This video reiterates many of the issues that I point out in Not by Fire but by Ice and Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.

Right now, magnetic north has been moving south much faster than anticipated, triggering concerns that earth’s magnetic field could get weaker or even reverse, says the host.

The earth’s magnetic field, called the magnetosphere, plays a crucial role in making earth a habitable planet, she explains. “It wards off much of space’s harmful radiation like cosmic rays, acting like an essential protective cloak around the earth.”

“A weakened magnetosphere means many things:”

•   “The northern lights will be visible in new parts of the world, for a start.”

•   “All of our satellites would need to be fortified against extra radiation or we risk them getting totally fried by space weather, like solar wind.”

•   “Electronics here on earth would be extremely vulnerable to interference and destruction by space radiation too, like our power grids.”

•   “And that’s not even mentioning the human health effects by being exposed to much higher degrees of radiation from space, which, let me tell you, are not great.”

It’s also not mentioning the possibility, I might add, that magnetic reversals can lead to evolutionary leaps (via mutations caused by the radiation), increased volcanic activity (both underwater and above water), increased earthquake activity, bigger floods, bigger snowstorms, lowered sea levels, and perhaps the most dangerous of all, ice ages.


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  1. By “so what” do they mean as in “so what – who cares” or do they mean “so what happens if the magnetic field reverses?”

  2. There’s also the none too minor point that about the 1990s the “feature size” on computer memory was getting small enough that a cosmic ray could cause a bit to flip. Unfortunately, many (most?) PC class and smaller computers do NOT use ECC Error Correcting Code memory…

    So as cosmic rays go up, there will be more cases where numbers in computers randomly change a little as they go through memory and where things crash “for no reason”.

    At least until folks start to use the more expensive ECC memory everywhere and / or add shielding around the computer boards.

    • I would store my important data on physical media, preferably optical, such as cd/dvds, or shield your computer very well. If it gets bad enough, all magnetic storage media could be fried. Incidentally, as an aside, the old video tapes for The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, dating from the early 70’s onward, are stored in an unused salt mine in Nebraska. So if someone in the future can cobble up a machine that will read 2 inch quad analog videotape, does that mean Johnny Carson’s show would survive a magnetic reversal?

  3. So just how do they propose to live on the Moon or Mars ?

    What resources would it take to shield human habitation from the continuous bombardment of the solar wind and other cosmic radiation ?

    I say send Elon Musk to find out ?

  4. She could have a great career as a news anchorwoman, reporting suffering and death with a cheery smile.

    “We have some good news and some bad news.
    “The bad news is, you are all going to die a horrible death.
    “The good news is, we’re not sure whether it will be sooner or later.
    “But, we’ll keep you updated. Have a nice day!”

  5. It doesn’t have to be a total reversal N-S to mess things up. Just a significant polar migration will mess things up. Ocean floors are crisscross by dead corals that live only at tropics. Also in some islands in northern Siberia they’re mining for woolly mammoths ivory.
    Imagine how much vegetation was needed to sustain a large mammoth population. An elephant eats 200-600 pounds of food a day. Just a couple of degrees warming is not enough to warm up northern Siberia to have a tropical weather. That was a polar migration, not a polar reversal. Total reversal means that we change the cold North Pole for the colder South pole.
    But even a polar migration is enough to cause a lot of trouble if not a total destruction of what we call “civilization”.

  6. If you finish that video you may have thought the effects of the poles doing a swap are really not that bad. Also, she did not mention that the South Pole is also on the march. The poles are headed to the same spot near the equator.

    Some scientists speculate that the new poles will be at the equator. That would be catastrophic with many extinction events as the earth struggles to align it’s magnetic field with that of the sun and other magnetic planets.

    Already, the growing strength of the magnetic point off
    Africa has a concurrent weak point in the Western Hemisphere and radiation levels are at an all time high over the entire hemisphere.

  7. Gee whillikers, Pat! Don’t give them any new ideas! Just think how bad you’ll feel if they start a new round of propaganda based on your idea. LOL!

    Actually, THEY probably do read this blog. How else will THEY know who to whack first when the time comes? So listen y’all, if the Men In Black come to your door, don’t answer!

  8. Prehistoric people were obsessed with the movements of the planets, and built many large scale “calculators” to predict these movements. They also built a lot of underground tunnels, earth sheltered structures, and lived at least partially in caves, all of which modern archeologists have been at a loss to explain. Maybe they knew something we don’t, or at least haven’t until now.

  9. Cosmic Rays and Arrythmias – I have to be VERY careful as I have inherited Hyprtrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy and arrythmias, potentially fatal, are a very real part of my life.

    Cardiac Arrhythmia and Geomagnetic Activity

    Cosmic Ray Monitoring – Going UP, UP, UP!!
    IMAGE – March 2015 – Jan 2019

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