Social Justice

“The former buzz words ‘environment’ and ‘climate change’ have disappeared … now it’s all about “social justice” with “collectives” that will tell you what you want or should do.”

Social Justice

By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

(Excerpts) – The Rio+20 gathering, officially the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, turned sour. The Guardian reports that one thousand NGOs (Non-Government organizations), institutions and individuals are upset with the official Rio+20 communiqué “The Future We Want.” To show their resolve, the NGOs signed a petition “The Future We Don’t Want.”

I don’t know who the “We” really are in either group, other than some of the estimated 45,000 attendees at the Rio+20 junket. Unless you work for a government, or a tax-credit-funded NGO, or a corporation trying to make money from the ‘green, organic, sustainable, carbon-dioxide-opposed dreams’ of the Sorosians and Suzukians, etc., your opinion rarely counts. If your opinion is not shared by the UN, no need to apply. Facts don’t matter either.

Lord Christopher Monckton said “It’s all about extending the power and reach of the global-government wannabes … out-of-control planetary bureaucrats seeking to create a world socialist.”

The Agenda Shift

The agenda shift from the original Eco-92 gathering in Rio (1992), i.e. “global warming” to “climate change” to “environmental justice” to “social justice” happened slowly, but it was a long-term goal by its ideologists all along. By now it’s all about “social justice” with “collectives” that will tell you what you want or should do. The former buzz words ‘environment’ and ‘climate change’ have disappeared too.

Moreover, with the previously touted “Global Warming” scare, supposedly due to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, rapidly being exposed as the greatest scientific hoax since “Piltdown Man” certainly does not help its cause either. However, the new deity, “social justice” also comes with its own set of conundrums.

Social Justice

In the end, it all boils down to a simple question: What would you rather have, the subsistence lifestyle of the peasant farmer or the conveniences of the modern city dweller? The answer is obvious from a simple fact:

The majority of the 45,000 activists attending Rio+20 had not gone there by dug-out canoe!

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18 thoughts on “Social Justice”

  1. in Aus its “sustainable” if I hear it again I may Puke!
    now theyre trying to have a go at Farmers yet agin using nitrogen as a mallet to bash us with.
    I hate artificial fertilisers, full stop wont use em, however they now plan to blame and raise prices even higher than the ridiculous cost now..and most of em ARE industrial waste from oil/plastic industry anyway.
    loke Fluoride if they coul;dnt flog it for some other purpose it would be classed as toxic waste!

  2. I never could quite get a handle on exactly what is ‘social justice’. My mistake was looking for one thing I could call social justice, or figure out what the lefties were talking about.

    Now, I am no longer clueless. Social justice is flexible. SJ for the SJ promoting crowd means they live in abundance, and rule the serfs left alive to serve them. This program is totally socially just for them, but not so much for the non ruling class.

  3. The “green” movement is just the latest face of communism/socialism/fascism/progressivism/ cpmpassionate conservatism. Whatever the “ism”, it all means that the individual is the property fo the government. It is a disaster for humankind that must be stopped. It is a very deranged religion.

    • Yep, whatever this year’s buzzwords are: ‘social justice’, ‘collectives’, ‘the world we want’—they all come down to dictatorship. They feel they have the right to dictate our lives.

      People generally tire of dictatorships, though. Don’t they watch the news?

  4. I prefer the true convenience of a modern rural lifestyle, keep the city thankyou.

    After all, it’s partly the city dwellers’ UHI, that helped fuel all of this mad the-sky-is-falling frenzy.

    And sometime, just for fun, ask one of these hemp wearing morons just how Mother Nature doles out social justice.

  5. Social justice being talked about by the elites sounds rather strange to say the least. Usually it is a buzz word or term for justifying some kind of communist activity to benefit themselves at the expense of the majority with a bit of token charity to disguise the worst excesses of govenment and banker looting done under the color of law. If only we could get the number of laws down to ten or perhaps two then may be things would be alot better.

  6. We absolutely MUST defeat these liberal, commie degenerates this November. There is no excuse for not voting.

  7. What they forget is that there is no social justice without individual justice. Without individual justice, there are just new groups of individuals who are victims of injustice. With groups of victims, no social justice.

  8. THIS is the future, the real deal that’s crawled out of the woodwork while all the bureaucrats weren’t looking:

    Unless I miss my guess pretty badly, it is THE IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME, and it’s damn’ near unstoppable.

    One cannot resist an idea whose time has come. –Victor Hugo

    Alternative Translation/paraphrpase:

    Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

    There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.

  9. It doesn’t matter what we do. It doesn’t matter how clean or green you run your farm. Doesn’t matter how much land you leave aside for biodiversity. Doesn’t matter how much you lower your carbon foot print. Not to those at the top of the movement. Not to those that set the agenda and right the marching orders.
    Make no mistake, this is a fight in every sense of the word. It is a fight that we may not win. It is a fight however that is worth fighting.
    Stay loud.
    Stay honest.
    Stay accurate.
    Most importantly stay on it.

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  11. They stepped in dogshift when they declared how many global warmingists can fret on the head of a pin.
    Then their thinkers didn’t know how to escape when the earth failed to obey them.
    It’s about time they abandoned specific idelogy so that their new world-think can cover all bases for ever and ever.

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