Socialism vs Communism

Either way, they’re simply substitute words for enslavement.

Here’s a succinct clarification from by Ayn Rand.

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  1. Humans seem to make the same mistakes repeatedly. We can beat communism but it requires tearing down the old system and then the rebuilding can commence – the “Age Of Pioneers.”
    “The stages of the rise and fall of great
    nations seem to be:
    The Age of Pioneers (outburst)
    The Age of Conquests
    The Age of Commerce
    The Age of Affluence
    The Age of Intellect
    The Age of Decadence.
    (e) Decadence is marked by:
    An influx of foreigners
    The Welfare State
    A weakening of religion.
    Decadence is due to:
    Too long a period of wealth and power
    Love of money
    The loss of a sense of duty. ”
    “The Fate of Empires and the Search for Survival”

    • sadly its the so called intellectual phase thats whats caused this presentday mess. those who have the luxury to not be in the real world but to sit in “ivory towers” and pontificate on their ideal world etc
      no wonder theyre the class that cop it in revolutions
      older I get the more I see they bring it on themselves

  2. Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Nazism.

    All forms of Marxism.

    The unholy son of Marx.
    The Marx brothers so to speak.
    Though nowhere near as funny.

  3. I hear all sorts of stupid Americans around here saying they want to take that vaccine.
    Oh yeaugh? They are being poisoned to death by their left leaning government and the media.
    The elite wants depopulation – so it’s no surprise that the ones who have not died will die if they take all that poison from this tyrantical government! So unless you are sick with that virus – stay away from it.

    Don’t believe all the krap you hear and kill your television! They are controlled by our enemies and will say anything to get us all sick and die! Save yourself from all the BS!

    Then after we get sick of the vaccine, they will transmit electronic voices via satellite into our heads calling our name and saying that we will die. It’s electronic torture already in use!
    They will do this so that people will commit suicide. It’s all a plot by the government to make people believe it was God talking to them but it’s not. Churches will be overwhelmed on Sunday’s when this happens!!
    They will have no clue that it’s a satellite!

    Plus they also have chemtrails in use so they can commit chemical warfare to slowly make us all sicker over time.

  4. I read Atlas shrugged some 14 yrs ago
    reckon a rereads in order and i have another of hers I must also find and open
    funny how things “are of their time” or become pertinent at certain times.

    • It was the Brits then, and it’s the Brits again, it’s always the Brits. Getting shed of the Dominion of British-American Pilgrims socialist loyalists is a cyclical nuisance ww. BNW/1984/Animal Farm/Communist Manifesto/Big Pharma are the British playbooks for the whole world. Atlas Shrugged is their kryptonite.

  5. Communism has another name coined by its founding philosopher Karl Marx AKA Mordecai Levy. The name being Scientific Socialism. Later the Fabian Society sought to achieve communism gradually and called their ideology Fabian Socialism.
    None of these movements were interested in the well being of nation and race.
    Their ideologies were political techniques devised for the benefit of the Jews, Freemasons and Globalist Oligarchs and the secondary objective was to control the masses while the primary objective was being achieved.
    They also like to employ democracy and capitalism for the same reasons and it has nothing to do with nation and race either. It is all about the enrichment and empowerment of international and treasonous gangsters and carpetbaggers who have murdered and plundered humanity for centuries for profit. Guess who they are trying to screw over now?

    • Steven Rowlandson,

      Yes Steven!
      The modern socialists across most national and the UN elites of politicians, power-brokers, think-tanks members, and bureaucrats are also members of The Fabians (aka the wolves in sheep’s clothing). So many nation’s ‘center-left’ and left-wing politicians are immoral Fabians.

  6. Add to that, Fascism. Socialism and its twin offspring of Fascism and Communism all have their roots with Karl Marx. They all have the same basic premise—the marriage of big government with big business, both together enslaving the people.

    “Fascism” got a bad reputation, so they now call themselves “crony capitalism” to differentiate themselves from capitalism. (I used to wonder why big “capitalist” companies seemed to support left-wing socialist causes—I now know why: they are socialist of the fascist variety, not capitalists.)

    In 1927 Julien Benda wrote “La Trahison des clerics” (The Treason of the Intelligentsia) who committed intellectual treason by almost 100% support of socialism. We see the same thing happening today. “Global Warming” is just one arrow in their quiver. Covid-19 another. Big business is another. The lack of morality is part of their toolbox.

    • No ! Fascism and Nazism is not part communism. It is the reaction to communism. It is in essence nationalism and neo monarchy based on the leader principle and the defense of Christendom. Pure anti bolshevism or counter revolutionary politics based on old school values.
      What is democracy but a means to overthrow traditional Christian society and introduce communism by the backdoor.

  7. Please don’t bring in anti-Semitism. Karl Marx hated his ancestry and was a virulent anti-Semite of his time. The only Jews who benefit are like Marx, those who betray their own people. E.g. Trotsky denied he was a Jew. Just as they betray their own, they also betray us.

    The rest of your statement is spot on.

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