Solar hibernation to bring severe cold – Video

Many people starved to death during the last such hibernation because crop damage was so bad, says John Casey.

It was “humankind’s worst subsistence crisis ever recorded.”

Casey tells Newsmax TV that everyone needs to get used to drastically colder temperatures.

However, many people will have trouble believing this because “we’ve had 25 years of global warming propaganda.”

Thanks to Stephen Bird for this video

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  1. Excellent video. They look at the same data, but using the data to drive their research, not the politics….

    Who would have thought they’d come up with a different answer? 😉

  2. They didn’t have global food transport then.

    This time we will just ship food from nearer the equator to the cold north.

    IF there is a big shortfall of grains, we can just stop feeding grain to animals and eat it ourselves. It takes 10 lbs of grain to make a 1 lb beef steak. 10 lbs of grain feeds a person for 10 days easily.

    Won’t like it much, but won’t starve either. As long as folks move food where it is needed…

    • Yes, it certainly is a pleasure!

      On the subject of global cooling, I’ve just noticed that the BBC in the UK are peddling another ‘hottest month’ record. This time it’s this September. They’ve got health warnings on their site. I was thinking of phoning them to complain, and I thought it would be a great idea if folks in the UK called the BBC to ask, in a polite manner, why they never report on the cooling events we’ve been seeing. The number is 03700100222. If you complain about the way something is being reported, the BBC has to put it on file. You never know, we might be able to make some small changes…..:-)

  3. It has long been stated that we should be in a little ice age right now. This summer in Illinois, it was brutal to be in the sun for any period of time. The sun actually hurt my skin and eyes to be in. I am not certain if it was due to chem trailing or if the sun has actually changed that much.
    I have had a sinking feeling that this winter will be bad for many people. The trees and vegetation are already starting to change color and lose leaves… seems a few weeks earlier than the norm for this area. O work outdoors for a railroad, and things just feel a little off.

  4. Very good but… … some of the questions where a great opportunity to discuss the trend of weakening Sunspot Cycles, and the hundreds of spotless days between Cycles 23 and 24.
    If I would have been so lucky to get interviewed I would have mentioned NASA’s press release titled “Solar Wind Loses Power, Hits 50 Year Low”, and some of the facts it contains. Like “The solar wind is 13% cooler and 20% less dense”.
    Also the NOAA chart was a great opportunity to discuss the ways that the data is tampered with and rigged with tricks like “station dropout”.
    Anyway so much for my Monday morning quarterbacking… … too many years in politics. Casey has his own style and it seems to be working for him.

  5. It concerns me greatly that congress cannot take the time to examine the facts and data in open hearings about global cooling. Why? They waste so much time on other insignificant issues. Now is the time to prepare. The latitudes between 30 degrees north and 30 degrees south are most suitable during a significant cooling event. This 60 degree band will be best for growing food.

  6. Check this story out at 2:08 (see link below) … in particular the comment at 2:38 … about “the preposterous geomagnetic season that began exactly when the anomaly did” …

    Isn’t that “preposterous geomagnetic season” referencing an uptick in coronal hole streams? If so, earthquake and volcanic increases suggested, yes … but what happens to planetary warming trends … given that increased energy doesn’t usually reference cooling?

    Energy in the poles … radiating out mostly at the equator and between the tropics … that band of heat if steady and increasing, gradually moving North and South from there … greater atmospheric mixing as well, as the incoming energy buffets atmospheric layers on its way to the poles?

    Hmm … if that process unfolds … perhaps a different story, than an ice age … at least for a time ?

  7. The “Polar Chill” will strike Sth Australia again today for the third time this year with the BOM forecast top of 13C some 6C below the Sept. ave. The Indian Ocean Dipole has turned ever more negative at -1.4 meaning waters off the WA coast up near Java are warm and waters off Sth Africa cold. Many large rain events are now rushing across inland Australia culminating in floods over the Eastern half of the Continent where the Climate Commission insisted would suffer “permanent drought”. The Climate Commission was disbanded permanently in 2013.

    • doesn’t appear that they are trying to deny the effects of the Maunder Minimum or that an equivalent in Cycle 24 would have similar outcomes, just that they are suggesting that there has been no uptick in solar activity since 1700AD that has resulted in recent warming. We need to effectively engage with this line of argument. Avoiding the issue will not help.

    • Ron, I was thinking about the article you link to, and I was wondering if what they say is true, how come William Herschel was able to correlate sunspot activity to climate in a very accurate way? He certainly didn’t have the new ‘corrected’ sunspot numbers, did he? He used the historical records which according to our ‘experts’ are now outdated and wrong! These ‘experts’ are full of bull!

  8. Interesting that one of the people who ‘corrected’ the sunspot history is none other than Lief Svalgaard. He is utterly convinced that the Sun doesn’t really have much of an effect on our climate. It is impossible to debate with him. He is rude and arrogant, and tries to talk everyone down. He’s as bad as the warmists. Some of the folks on Wattsupwiththat have accused him and his colleagues of fiddling the data to suit their own agenda. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if that were true.

    Solar physicist Piers Corbyn gets an 85% success rate in predicting the weather. He bases his predictions on historical climate records, sunspots and solar cycles, etc. And he’s not the only person doing this. If the Sun had little effect on Earth’s climate, people like him would have gone out of business a long time ago.

    Let them change the sunspot history if they want. Time will tell who is right and who is wrong.

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