Solar Minimum is Coming – Video from NASA

Solar Minimum is Coming – Video from NASA

the sun is set to ‘change form,’ says NASA . 


During a solar minimum, certain types of activity, such as sunspots and solar flares will drop – but NASA also expects the development of long-lived phenomena including coronal holes.

The sun’s magnetic field weakens during solar minimums, thus providing less shielding to the earth. With our protective shield thus weakened, the number of galactic cosmic rays that reach the earth’s upper atmosphere increases.

The above video is from NASA.
The article below is from the Daily Mail.

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12 thoughts on “Solar Minimum is Coming – Video from NASA

  1. This is not news of a major new event; the solar minimum is the period of lowest activity at the end of this very low solar cycle SC24 and before the start of the next, even lower output solar cycle SC25.
    On average each cycle lasts for around 11 years and consists of the cycle starting solar minimum point, the 4 year rise to Solar Max, a peak of two to three years, and the much slower decent to solar minimum.
    NASA and NOAA for that matter are not admitting that the Sun – our variable star is in the first cycle of a Grand Solar Minimum like Dalton, Maunder, Spoorer, Wolf, Oort (The LIA Period), and the LALIA during 558 to 600AD.
    To do so, they would have admit that the previous Modern Solar Warm Period from the end of Dalton to 2008 and the start of the Modern GSM has finished, this minimum should be named The Landscheidt GSM, as he predicted it.

    • Funny thing is, NASA had mentioned it at one point, on their own website. I had even linked to it for my “No such thing as a grand solar minimmum!” friend and told him which paragraph and which sentence he could find the references.

      He was so scientifically minded and concerned about global warming, that the fragile ecosystem of his intellect couldn’t handle the damage an introduced thought could bring. He couldn’t bear to read it, even though it was from NASA’s own archives. I should have saved it – I can’t find it any more. Maybe it’s still there.

  2. Svensmark will be looking for more clouds and thus cooling. I think he is right so don’t sell your coat yet. Interesting times.

  3. warmist worries about this century warming… might be better advised to show concern to what be incoming affecting dna/ rna of whats alive on earth. it will take a while to show up but if something that went Nova a while back is incoming while this is happening?

  4. What is important is the recognition of increased cosmic ray activity which affects not only space craft but commercial aviation and they are now hinting, formation of clouds. They also post photos of sprits over thunder clouds which may indicate the presence of cosmic rays which may seed clouds. See
    Much of this is popularized by the experiments done by students in Bishop, California which use weather balloons to carry radiation detecting equipment above the stratosphere. They are on Facebook as earth to sky calculus.
    On August 21 they will coordinate flights with students in New Hampshire to film the eclipse of the sun from space and to measure cosmic radiation. Robert, I encourage you to begin following their page.

  5. This almost seemed like a sales piece. It was nice and fluffy in a non threatening sort of way. A nice story with very little substance.

    Perhaps it’s the quiet before the storm of real facts are released.

    One person mentioned they are putting the information into the consciousness of the public. May be spot on. Good observation.

  6. I would hate to imagine a Maunder Minimum and Yellowstone going off at the same time. That would not be a lot of fun.

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