Solar physicists – We are headed into a little ice age

Similar to the intense cold during the Maunder Minimum.____________________________________________

The arrival of intense cold similar to the one that raged during the “Little Ice Age”, which froze the world during the 17th century and in the beginning of the 18th century, is expected in the years 2030—2040.

“These conclusions were presented by Professor V. Zharkova (Northumbria University) during the National Astronomy Meeting in Llandudno in Wales by the international group of scientists, which also includes Dr Helen Popova of the Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics and of the Faculty of Physics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Professor Simon Shepherd of Bradford University and Dr Sergei Zharkov of Hull University.

“In 17th century, though, there was a prolonged reduction in solar activity called the Maunder minimum, which lasted roughly from 1645 to 1700. During this period, there were only about 50 sunspots instead of the usual 40-50 thousand sunspots. Analysis of solar radiation showed that its maxima and minima almost coincide with the maxima and minima in the number of spots.”

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  1. Thank God science from Eastern Europe remained disjoint from the global warming hysteria that is plaguing the West, so it’s no wonder that the alarm bells about global cooling are coming from scientists educated there (Dr. Zharkova is originally Ukranian and graduated in physics and mathematics from the University of Kyiv).

    • I think Dr Zharkova was the scientist who discovered that solar flares produce seismic waves in the Sun’s interior, similar to quakes on Earth. She’s one clever lady, and should be taken seriously!

    • The Chinese also believe in true honest science. It is ironic that the former communist and still well controlled countries are the ones to look to for honest science. Note that Russia only signed the Kyoto treaty on seeing how they could make money from the carbon credits – they didn’t believe in it.

    • the ice age is just part of what is happening to this earth and the other planets in our solar systems you have to look at the bigger picture. it’s not just the ice age get your blinkers off

  2. I’ve no doubt the mathematical analysis over cycles 21 – 23 is accurate, however the assumptions that the predictions going forward will be correct must be subject to some uncertainty.

    It’s valuable work to highlight a reasonable prediction, but this shouldn’t yet be taken as certain. If, however the data continues to match the predictions, say up to 2020, then it will have to be taken more seriously…….

  3. Thanks Robert for all of the amzing information on your website.
    I do also believe that we will enter some sort of ICE-AGE very soon. It is also easy to see that something is most definitely WRONG with our CLIMATE, and everything points towards COOLING, and not WARMING.

    There is also another very important and almost frightening thing to consider as scientists.

    I recently got involved with HYPERBARIC OXYGEN TREATMENT, because of my wife being involved in a very serious concussion 8 months ago.
    I studied the book by the founder, Dr. Philip B. James, called “OXYGEN & THE BRAIN” here in Scotland, and I just wanted to state for the record that CO2 and so-called Global Warming is not what we should be worried about, but the serious declining levels of OXYGEN, which are declining 4 times faster than CO2 is increasing.
    How can the “GLOBAL WARMIST camp” compare CO2 = 0.02% of gases in our atmosphere, and Oxygen which is around “20% of the atmosphere” and falling according to expert Dr. Mae-Wan Ho Check.

    The following LINK on my website. It is very revealing and shockingly dangerous:-

    • Thanks for the link. I was wondering if the decrease in O2 could just be cyclic? At one time creatures on Earth were much larger due to higher levels of O2.

  4. “Another Drop in Global Temps / IPCC moves ‘Tipping Point’ goalpost”

    It seems a + 2 degree C is now the upper limit for the fictitous tipping point and they felt the need to shave off half a degree – perhaps to make their claims a better fit to the data(?)

    Reminds me of Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown at the last moment 😉 AAUUGHH!

  5. The intense cold predicted follows the 10 to 20 year lag period between Solar output and the climate response of the Oceans heat engine, and its heat transfer system, whether by air or water from the tropics to the Polar Regions where it is radiated into space.
    The prediction by Geoff Sharp is that this cycle SC24 is the trefoil orbit of the Sun around the Solar System BarryCentre which causes the very deep slowdown of the Sun’s energy output in the next Cycle 25.
    Previous Grand Solar Minimum cycles have lasted 12.5 years, rather than the average of 11 years during Solar Warm periods, like the previous period which ended in 2008.
    The following two cycles 26 and 27 will be low output cycles similar to SC20.

  6. The “Polar Chill” currently afflicting Australia will go at least as far as the Tropic of Capricorn giving Longreach QLD 23°27′0″S a forecast top temp of 12C tomorrow, a whopping 12C below average.
    This I will check tomorrow.
    Adelaide reached just 8C at midday yesterday (my gauge said 6.5C) which is 7C below average with the BOM defiantly recording it as 11C because this was the temp at 12.10am, a spill over from the day before when warmer winds were sucked into the State by the cold front called a “megafront” by the BOM.

    • Meridional Jet streams dragging very cold air out of the Polar regions, exactly the same as that experienced during the Northern Winters with cold snowy weather being push down from the Arctic on a direct track into the southern Middle East.
      These same Meridional Jet streams also push “warmish” but very, very wet airstreams into the polar regions.
      Many additional, trillions of tons of water vapour will snow out onto the icecap as a result, this is how sea levels start their fall, and then rise, but not as far, during the next Solar Warm Period.

      • The max daytime temp did get to 12C in Longreach QLD today according to the site I use.,144.2587
        It will be interesting to see the official BOM reading.
        This Global site has ALWAYS been 2C lower than the Aust. BOM no matter where one should check in Australia……….until now.
        Suddenly the BOM has stopped adding 2C to every max which they had been doing for the last three years or so. My guess is that they will be back to their old tricks come summer.

  7. Steinhilber et al have estimated longer term variations using proxies, They estimated that since the Maunder minimum about 400 years ago, increase in TSI has accounted for an increase of 0.9 W-m2 at the top of the atmosphere. 

    This compares with the modern radiative imbalance estimated by Hansen et al (2011) of 0.6 W-m2. My understanding is that when we compare the estimates by Steinhilber and Hansen, the entire warming from the Maunder minimum to the present could be accounted for by solar activity. Therefore, to dismiss the role of the Sun we ought first to falsify Steinhilber and the results of other groups of researchers that have made similar claims.

    Steinhilber, F., J. Beer, and C. Fröhlich. “Total solar irradiance during the Holocene.” Geophysical Research Letters 36.19 (2009).

    Hansen, James, et al. “Earth’s energy imbalance and implications.” Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 11.24 (2011): 13421-13449.

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