Solar Road Costs $4.3 Million – Generates Enough Power To Run ONE Microwave

“Idaho’s Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways project generated an average of 0.62 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per day since it began publicly posting power data in late March.“To put that in perspective, the average microwave or blow drier consumes about 1 kWh per day.

“The panels have been under-performing their expectations due to design flaws, but even if they had worked perfectly they’d have only powered a single water fountain and the lights in a nearby restroom.”

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22 thoughts on “Solar Road Costs $4.3 Million – Generates Enough Power To Run ONE Microwave”

  1. Our government really knows how to spend our money. What a ridiculous waste of time and taxpayer money. I suppose the maintenance on the thing is expensive as well. Drain the swamp!!

  2. So how about the big question!
    How much of that $4.3 million went into the hands of those incompetent, scamming, engineers?
    I want to see an audit of where all the money went!

    • the engineers just get paid to create what the originators want..
      so look to who was the creator of the idea and what greenscam company got govvy funding and taxbreaks to flush your taxes into their accounts
      then look at who is the ceo etc
      betcha theres some common names in there
      musk? gore? gates? or their shelf companies
      soros possibly also

      • All in all, more the reason, to see where exactly all the money was spent, to the cent!
        Nobody should be making or pocketing an average wage for something that has a negative ROI. Minimum wage for all involved.
        I bet, that more than half of that 4.3 million, went in wages and fees. And that is just plain FRAUD!

    • I would put that responsibility in the hands of incompetant, bumbling and corrupt politicians… not the engineers. I worked for a time in environmental planning, a lot of road projects, and all those were based on something a politician wanted.

      Waste and project overruns were generally due to political nonsense, indecision, changing mind about what is wanted, infighting, etc. A lot of the waste comes from having to stop and restart road and highway projects to meet the whims of whatever politician thinks is going to keep him/her in office.

      • All you have stated is to illustrate how STUPID voters are for voting for those politicians. In short, don’t blame the politicians, blame the voter. Government only mirrors the society that elects it.

  3. Might have something to do with the copious anounts of snow this winter, it’s all funneling from California to be wrung out in Idaho

  4. Another success story from Obama’s shovel ready Watermelon jobs. Green on the surface, Red to the core. A bunch of Communists spending Money.

  5. On the other hand, I just got back from Arizona where they have allowed the power companies to charge a $50 PER MONTH surcharge to all home solar users. My friend, fortunately, has owned rooftop solar for a while so he is grandfathered in and only has to pay the $20 a month transmission line fee. He figures he saves about $1000 a year with rooftop solar. Gee, could this surcharge have anything to do with the increased efficiency of rooftop solar in a state made to order for this resource. And, of course, Arizona has plenty of coal on the Navajo reservation so they are protecting this increasingly noncompetitive resource from more efficient and ascendant technologies. Corporate welfare indeed.

    • With a bank of Iron Edison batteries he could get off the grid entirely.
      Of course he’s going to have to replace his solar panels here pretty quick as they only last about 15 years.

    • any way you look at it coals cheaper only gas is possibly less cost
      the 50 a month=600 a year when solars supplying huge? volumes saving them money???
      yes its like Aus huge bribes to actually refund more per watt than they were selling normal power for
      then bleat about how the problems adjusting load flows due to intermittent solar n wind gen actually cost them money..
      then everyones power bill soar skywards
      so the solar users benefitted first (and already rich enough to install anyway, )
      while the poor and renters just keep copping rising bills with no way out.
      go on arizona
      rip the guts outta your coal and gen plants like SAus did
      lets see it go dark there too.
      how many reliable power use companies can you afford to lose?

    • Since 92% of that solar power goes to waste, even with the $50 monthly charge your grandfather is still getting a significant free ride from poorer rate payers who can not afford solar but still have to pay for the utity generate power for your grandfather’s household.

      It is basically an energy cost subsidy for the rich, paid for by the lower middle class.

  6. i sure hope south australias blithering idiot J weather(dither)all doesnt see this
    he will begin immediate construction!
    its the sort of inane useless moneymunching greetech crap he loves wasting the states taxes on!

  7. I wonder how the French solar road is getting on. That was expected to barely produce enough to power the street lights. Not that they are that useful during the day…….

  8. Every new technology comes with a long series of learning events, learning curves, people learn what works, what doesn’t work.

    I don’t know about solar roads in Idaho where it snows a lot, but here in sunny California I see rooftop solar going up all over, one new housing development nearby has rooftop solar on every new house. Many businesses, churches, schools, apartment complexes, installing solar.

    • They are installing solar because of the subsidies and the way the government in CA incentives installing solar. Good intentions by government greenie doesn’t mean the solar power is useful, in fact even in CA it is so intermittent that it needs 92% back up generation, so every 1000 watts you are no longer paying for, the power company still has to pay for generating 920 watts. So who pays for the 920 watts? Well it is lower middle class people, and apartment dwellers mainly and to pay for this “free” energy for the rich and your church, the rates have to be raised on the poor quite significantly. This is why power costs twice as much in CA.

      If can go off grid more power to ya, but if you are depending on the power company for your backup, when solar fails to generate enough, even if it is only a few days a month, your solar is just spunging off the rest of us.

      • Also a note about roads – rooftop solar is bad enough, but at least it can be angled right, and noone is walking or riding over it so it doesn’t have to be protected. Roads on the other hand are at the wrong angle, cutting 20% right there, are frequently covered by cars – traffic jam, no power, and need to be hardened for car and truck use – even asphalt doesn’t hold up that long. There are also expense issues, because of the shading the panels need to be smaller and require independent microinverters or else a shadow over one panel will cause the entire system to stop producing power. It is a really dumb idea. Roof, while also a boondoggle, at least can produce power at a relatively efficient rate (for solar) without super hardening and maintenance costs.

    • Finally, part of the reason, solar is poor, even in sunny spots and assuming zero down hours is this – maximum power comes at the wrong time. Typically in summer maximum power use is about 4pm, and in winter around 9 am, but solar has its maximum at 12 noon and at 4pm is only generating about half of maximum power. So you basically get your power credit from your power company for energy generated when it can’t really be used and then use the power for free at times when the power company really has to work overtime but doesn’t get your power.

  9. Based on this , to achieve significant amounts of electricity would mean paving over huge swaths of land.

    But since we know that solar people love the environment, paving the planet will be deemed a good thing to do.

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