South Africa – 14 All-Time Monthly Low Temperature Records Fall

These 14 record low May temperatures were set ACROSS the southernmost tip of Africa, although the east appears to have been disproportionately hit, according to preliminary data from the South African Weather Service,.

The “II AGR” weather station in Buffelspoort NW of Johannesburg set a new low on Thursday, May 28 of -2C (35.6F) — comfortably usurping the station’s previous all-time lowest May minimum of 0.9C (33.6F) set on May 10, 1970.

Secunda also suffered its lowest May temperature on record with a bone-chilling -3.9C (25F) on Thursday morning, surpassing the old record of -3.3C (26F) from May 29, 1994.

Exceptional snowfall accompanied the low temps.

“We’ve got ground-level snow in quite a few places,” said Richard le Sueur of SnowReportSA.

“We’ve had snow on the Western Cape mountains, the Southwestern Cape and through the Southern Cape and into the Eastern Cape … also, in Lesotho and the Northern Cape … So, pretty much widespread snow,” said le Sueur.

“We’re going to see a chilly winter,” he concluded.

South Africa: 14 All-Time Monthly Low Temperature Records Fell Yesterday (May 28), with “Widespread Snow” Accompanying the Freeze

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