South America Absurdly Cold

Cold Crisis in South America 

18 July 2017 – On his Twitter feed, veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi called the cold in South America “spectacular.”

“Absurdly cold,” said Bastardi.

I posted about the “Cold Crisis in South America” a couple of days ago. It’s the worst situation in many decades, with huge losses expected in agriculture. At the time, electricity was still out in many towns.

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10 thoughts on “South America Absurdly Cold”

  1. Umm,

    I wonder how the AGW advocates will knit together an inelegant pile of sophistry to explain this one. Something like —

    ‘Models now show CO2 causes massive warming of the southern polar zone, thus cold air is pushed out from the Antarctic and temporarily precipitates anomalous cooling of S. America.’

    Or some-such nonsense.

    • dont give em ideas Tom;-)
      havent looked at antarctic lately but was 39c below last time i did.
      what i see on nullschool earth is a huge high over the entire continent with only moisture down to the lower right hand side as seen on map.
      cold DRY and savage.

    • I live in Paraguay. These cold spells occur every 5 years or so its completely normal. BTW it has been way above normal temps for July and we expect 32 to 34C every day for next 10 days or so also completely normal… occurs occasionally. AGW has nothing to do with it

  2. I can also verify that ALL of the waters surrounding Antarctica are colder than average. ALL OF THEM!

    Although ice breaking off Antarctica might fit the narrative, it could also easily mean that more ice is forming there and forcing some of it to calve from the edges, so it could be a net gain, easily.

    By the way, Google still, surprisingly, has provided me a way to find supporting articles for known cold events, thankfully, for now. It always takes a few DAYS of research to figure out the new secret way.

    • I thought the warm tropical weather over Antarctica this time of year was causing all the ice to slip into surrounding waters causing them to cool dramatically while forcing all the penguin to wear sun hats, to prevent burning – even in the permanent darkness of winter.

      It is a monumental crisis 😛

  3. The Alarmist would probably say that this is just “weather” (which it is) and does not constitute a change in the climate of South America. And of course the reasonable person would have to agree with that message. Remember what the graph is showing is the change from the normally expected temperatures NOT the actual temperatures. It seems even us critics of AGW are prone to over egging the pudding!

    • Alarmists always say it is just weather when it doesnt go their way, but let a swallow migrate north an hour early because it got a favorable tailwind, and the the world is in crisis.

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