South America colder than normal

Also, the Pacific Ocean colder than normal. 

The map below shows the anomalies compared to normal for this time of year.

Today High lands (South Brazil)- The lower temperatures

1,5°C Urupema/Epagri
1,5 °C S.Joaquim/Pericó/F.Keiser
2,1°C B.Jardim/Epagri
3,7°C Urubici/Vacas gordas/Joel Faria
6,4°C Água doce/DSoares

Forecasts call for a continuation of strong cold on days 18 – 23 Nov.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for these links

“Definitely it’s not the hottest year of all,” says Martin

10 thoughts on “South America colder than normal”

  1. i can testify.. in Santiago of Chile, colder nights but warm day.. after 2 summers days, 2 days ago, wa had 2 autumm days with mist inthe morning and very cold nights

    best regards

    • Hi there…just to mention that were having similar days in the uk…itll be warm a day or two then miaty n cold or variations thereof….i.feel its.the dynamixs between colder water and the atmosphere being weord not to.mention all the volcanoes and chemtrails.thrown in…
      kind regards


  2. “Definitely it’s not the hottest year of all,”

    NOAA will fix this. I will place my bets on NOAA and the IPCC promoting this year “the hottest on record”. Afterall why would they quit the narrative now? They have too much invested in the lie.

  3. after our first few warm to hot days in SE Australia..its now cold and raining heavily in most of the state..i had been wearing shorts and sweating a lot on tuesday
    now i am wearing warm clothes and a jumper again;-/
    the La Nina has kicked up to over the neutral zone and moving towards theMinus .5
    farmers who had early crops like canola windrowed will probably lose it all
    grain still in paddocks may germinate or rot as rains likely or the next few days ongoing..not good news for many;-(
    livestock will benefit from shot grain as feed and the pastures got a refresh on the upside.

  4. definitely not as hot as the Jurassic – as they keep telling us!
    I certainly don’t see any palm trees up in Arctic Canada or in Minnesota!

  5. …dated sometime in the future…..
    Today, reports that Continental glaciers have reach southern Canada. In other news, NASA/NOAA have announced that this year is the hottest ever recorded….

  6. I stepped in the water on China Beach in San Francisco. It is the coldest feeling water I have ever experienced here in my almost 55 years of living here. La Nina is definitely taking effect.

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