South America – Winter refuses to let go

2016 consistently showing record-low-declining temperatures for the region.

South America – Winter refuses to let go

By Gabriel

South America’s springtime has been very cold with short periods (no more than a week) of ‘previously normal’ warmer days followed by cyclones, storms, hail, frosts and temperatures close to zero (Celsius) in mid-latitudes. It has even snowed in Argentina just 30 days before the solstice.

In the south of Brazil temperature has fallen close to zero at 800m and 7C at sea level. In the State of Sao Paulo temperature anomaly reached -4C for many days in-a-row. Even the State of Acre in the Amazonia (tropical region) has been hit by low temperatures.

The forecasts are now pointing to more incoming freeze reaching the region between the end of November and the beginning of December. If it doesn’t warm up in the last 3 weeks of springtime this means the region is coming to a situation of almost no-real springtime happening but only a kind of extension of the winter season. And we might take into consideration the meteorological winter has started 60 days ahead of time (by the end of April, not June). So the southern hemisphere is going through almost 7 consecutive months of wintertime for now.

Meteorologists are now revising the temperatures recorded in the last years and have found that, except for the Super El Niño (from the end of 2014 to the beginning of 2016), the years of 2008, 2010, 2013 and now 2016 has consistently been showing record-low-declining temperatures for the region.

Will 2017 be a ‘no-summertime year’ as people reported during the Maunder’s?

Here follows the analysis of a meteorological site from Brazil (Climatempo):–2785–3579

Also from the site of Terra:,df391c41c59c0ba18ddb0a9ab1695f34v6gtq3j4.html

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  1. Sao Paulo has been really cool, abnormally cool I’d say. We reached 10.9C Sunday morning. The normal for mid november is around 15 – 16 C

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