South Korea – Cold wave spikes power demand to unprecedented level

Public concerns growing over a possible power outage.


26 Jan 2018 – Bitter cold triggered an unexpected electricity hike across South Korea, putting the country’s power supply at risk.

On Thursday, the Korea Power Exchange (KPX) ordered its client companies to reduce electricity consumption after national power consumption rose to 86 million kilowatts, abnormally high compared to previous winters.

It marked the fourth electricity reduction order by the KPX this year, which issued five such orders last year.

The weather agency issued a cold weather alert as temperatures dropped to minus 17C in the capital on Thursday.

Follows an all-time high on Wednesday

Electricity demand hit an even greater high on Wednesday – an all-time high – with 86.2 million kilowatts and the reserve rate at 14.2 percent.

Seoul’s temperature was forecast to fall to minus 15C on Friday.

“It is most likely the KPX could issue another order Friday,” a KPX official said.

25 Jan 2018 – The sea is frozen off Gangjin, about 410 km south of Seoul. Photo provided by the Gangjin county office.

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  1. Imagine how cold it must be in North Korea where all fuel imports have been cut off. Will this year be remembered as the year the Americans froze them to death or will someone have the courage to break the embargo and save them?

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