South Korea – Extreme winter weather with heavy snow and serious cold

7 Jan 21 – More than a foot of snow. Traffic grinds to a halt. Extreme cold. Jeju under a cold wave warning for first time in 57 years.

South Korea is experiencing a serious chill today. Lots of snow and sub-freezing temperatures.

Cold wave alerts are pretty much in place everywhere with a cold wave warning in Seoul for the first time in three years. Mountainous areas of the southern island of Jeju are under a cold wave warning for the first time in 57 years, the first cold wave warning since the nation introduced such alert systems in 1964.

The heavy buildup of snow started last night in Seoul with about 4 centimeters piling up, while mountainous regions on Jeju saw over 40 centimeters. Right now, snow is falling on the Chuncheong-do and Jeolla-do provinces as well as Jeju, which is under a heavy snow advisory.

West of Jeolla-do Province will see 30 centimeters (one foot) more snow, Ullengdo-and Dokdo will see heavy snow from this afternoon so be extra careful on the roads. The roads will be covered with ice and snow.

It’s going to be a chaotic morning commute with snow and icy cold weather, travel with care. The wind makes it feel like minus 21 degrees Celsuis in Seoul so bundle up.

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Icy roads and blistering cold wreak havoc on Seoul commuters

Traffic ground to a halt and commuters in Seoul were forced to abandon their cars on Wednesday night after a sudden snowstorm struck during rush hour. And getting to work on Thursday was just as much of a hassle.

“Near Nambu Bus Terminal in Seoul, buses and cars are barely moving forward along the icy pavement. Some are even stuck where they are, their wheels spinning in vain.”

And those who opted to take the subway couldn’t steer clear of the chaos either. The blistering cold led to technical malfunctions on Line 1 and 4 at around seven thirty in the morning.

And of course, for pedestrians, the sidewalk was practically an ice rink.

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8 thoughts on “South Korea – Extreme winter weather with heavy snow and serious cold”

  1. I do not believe in global warming. That said, articles that say snow is piling up at 1.6″ [4 centimeters] and that it is “blistering” cold, do not connect. Maybe something is lost in language translation.

    • Ahh, thanks to their great leader and a complicit media, you will be lead to believe it is warm and sunny and benign and perfect weather.

    • In North Korea temperatures dropped below minus 30 degrees Celsius especially in Northern latitudes. It’s bitter cold. Feel sorry for them.

  2. fatman kim recently admitted his economy was stuffed
    drought covid and all the rest, throwing weather like sth reports to the nth as well
    lot of misery n deaths from cold Id guess. and the handouts he seems to get somehow fairly often wont be forthcoming or if so very little as other nations battle their own issues. might get a bit loopfruits there soonish

  3. First it’s Spain grabbing my snow, and now it’s South Korea. Well, at least I know where it went.
    Seoul right now sounds like the 1967 blizzard that hit Chicago like a hammer. Not predicted, either, and everything from buses to cars was buried in feet of snow. I wasn’t there: I was down in central Illinois and we got the southern edge of that in the form of an ice storm with winds that took down telephone and power lines and made the roads into skating rinks.
    If it’s once in 10 years, it’s weather. If it’s 10 to 15 years in a row, it may be a trend.

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