Southern Argentina – Biggest Snowfall Since 1995 – Video

Southern Argentina – Biggest Snowfall Since 1995 – Video

Some 28 inches (70 cm) of snow blanketed Argentina’s southern-most city of Ushuaia on Sunday (June 10) night.

Local officials said was the biggest snowfall since 1995.

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    • Usually the final frost for those lattitudes are the 3rd weekend in may,as for planting garden vegtables,strange weather pattern again!

  1. Arctic sea ice minimum,and the cold pdo) A meteorologist back in 09 said the PDO flip to cold in 07 08 will bring the arctic sea ice minimum back up in a 2 step up 1 step down fashion,08 was up from 07,and 09 was up from 08,10 was down from 09 and 11 was down from 10. This meteorologist said that this PDO flip will up the minimums. The 2012 sea ice already has very low extent,and has holes like swiss cheese,but sense the PDO flip to cold the sea ice minimum has flatlined if anything,so mabe when the AMO turns cold the ice will start to increase,Quoting Joe De’aleo on the AMO.

    • This meteorologist was not talking about sea ice he was talking about global temps,so I misquoted what was said by mr bastardi,he said global temps will cool in a 2step down 1step up fashion due to the cold pdo.the hadley-crut temp that robert showed a few days ago shows that mr bastardi was right.

  2. meanwhile in aus..our media ONLY reports on the fires in usa not a squeak about frost cold or snows in larger areas. and I bet this item wont rate a word either..goes against OUR govts agenda.

  3. Note that Gillam, Manitoba, lies at about 56 degrees 21 minutes NORTH latitude, and Ushuaia liess at about 54 degrees 48 minutes SOUTH latitude. That means they are about the same distance from the Equator. Both received moderate-to-heavy snowfall aroung June 10, 2012. I daresay an ice age is no respecter of “seasons” as we know them!

    • Ice caps on both poles are showing a growing trend now and this could be another confirmation of what you just said.

  4. Brings back great memories as I was in Bariloche for the ’95 snows. Only drawback was that Mt pass to Chile was blocked so my trip was truncated to just Argentina and 9 days of skiing off Piste.

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