Southern French gas price hits record high due to cold

Could spike even higher if cold weather persists.

The price of natural gas in southern France has reached record highs as sustained cold weather has exacerbated tight supplies.

Although Southern French LNG terminal Fos near Marseilles is set to receive seven cargoes in February, traders worry that the supply situation could become even tighter if the cold persists.

This would likely trigger gas prices to spike again.

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5 thoughts on “Southern French gas price hits record high due to cold”

  1. And where are the renewables? Nowhere!
    You either burn carbon in controlled central environments, with the necessary flue pollutant capture controls and provide just sufficient electricity with little margin for error
    Or, you burn wood in household stoves with only 50% efficiency and not have the electricity to run civilisation on. In a wilderness or major green forest area wood burners are not a problem.
    In an urban environment or major city it’s a major problem with smog as the particulates are even worse than diesel smuts.
    In the summer we might just be able to run the electricity demand on renewables, in the winter, particular in the Northern Hemisphere you haven’t got a cat in hell chance of delivering 30 % of the energy requirement without carbon providing the base load

    • Are they kept heated to prevent icing and turning to prevent brinelling of the bearings by some mysterious power source from within the earth?

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