Southern U.S. breaks cold records more than a century old

Breaking record lows from the early 1900s in six states.

24 July 2019 – Record lows for the date include:

• Altus, Oklahoma, 58°F

• Decatur, Alabama, 58°F

• Salina, Kansas, 58°F

• Anderson, South Carolina,  61°F

• Abiline, Texas, 63°F

• Little Rock, Arkansas, 64°F

(Note: Accuweather said this was for Wednesday, July 25, so I don’t know if it was for Wednesday or for the 25th. What is clear is that six different states reported record lows.)

Thanks to Jack Hydrazine for this link


1 thought on “Southern U.S. breaks cold records more than a century old”

  1. All we hear about in UK Press and BBC TV is RECORD HIGH TEMPS in UK. The BBC does not report news on low temps.
    I reckon that US folk should write letters to the BBC in London and Daily Mail and point out these low temps.
    They ignore my letters. All they want to talk about is “global warming”.

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