Spain, Germany and Romania blanketed with snow and ice

Snow fell across large parts of Europe on Tuesday despite it being the first official day of spring.

Seven Spanish regions issued snow warnings on Tuesday including the islands of Majorca and Menorca.

Meanwhile, snow fell across much of Germany, most particularly Berlin, where temperatures were not expected to rise above 3C.

In Croatia, melting snow and ice has caused widespread flooding around Zagreb, while hundreds of people have been stranded and thousands of hectares flooded by melting snow in Albania.

Lots of photos:

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5 thoughts on “Spain, Germany and Romania blanketed with snow and ice”

  1. If you took TODAY’s weather and compared it to what January through March was like 10 years ago, what DAY would best match today’s?

    In other words, is today’s actual weather similar to (I’m making this up) a January day of the past? A day in February?

    My point is that “Winter” is now extended into late March and April, which means planting of crops has to be pushed forward. Can this be done or will the crop loses begin now? This Spring?

  2. Well….what can we expect, it’s the first day of winter!
    On March 21st! Due to the ice age cycle, I suppose…..
    It won’t be spring until June 21st. Followed by fall on Sept. 21st again.

    • Thank you. That is what my question, above, was asking. (WHERE are we on the climate calendar.)

  3. More ‘global warming holes’ opening up across Europe. Can anyone see a pattern yet?
    We need more global warming but unfortunately only the sun can provide that, and at the moment the sun is on a rest period.

    • I always thought the global warming case was full of holes – now we can see what effect these holes have.

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