Spain – “In July here, “feels just like October

“Here in Segovia (north of Madrid) has been raining and thundering for about 2 days now,” says reader. “Never saw this weather in July here, feels just like October.”

Thanks to Luis Garcia De La Fuente for this info

1 thought on “Spain – “In July here, “feels just like October”

  1. Hola, aqui en Madrid es igual. Es el julio mas frio que he experimentado en 12 años en Madrid.

    Hi here in Madrid its the same. This is the coolest July I’ve experienced in 12 years here.

    I make a note of when trees in my street bud and create leaves. Those that normally open leaves in late February were late this year, opening in early March. However, those that open in April were up to 10 days early. In other words, winter was cooler, spring was warmer (including unusual heat in late May and early June), but late June and early July has been unusually cool.

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