Spain – Recovering sheep buried in deep snow- Video

Spain – Recovering sheep buried in deep snow- Video

“Welcome to the next Little Ice Age!” says reader.”SEVERAL FEET of Global Warming hit Northern Spain on October 31st and Basque farmers were caught out very badly.”

“The video shows them digging sheep out from heavy, wet snow. This amount of snow this early is almost unheard of in the modern climate record.”

“Herd casualties across the whole of Europe and Eurasia, are already exceeding historic records for the time of year.”

Gorbea, Basque mountains (max elevation 1481 m), north Spain

Recovering sheep buried deep in fresh snow on Gorbea, Basque mountains (max elevation 1481 m), north Spain on October 31!

Thanks to Caroline Snyder for this info and link

8 thoughts on “Spain – Recovering sheep buried in deep snow- Video”

  1. No joke man, this looks even more serious than that Beast from the East last March. Worst winter I have ever experienced and feeling threatened by more to come.
    But hear me out and no I am not drunk. All the coal fired power stations are being shut down to reduce carbon emissions. But why are cigarettes still being sold? Has anyone ever seriously studied how smoking produces CO2? I think they should now.
    I drink and gassy beers and ciders may lead to flatulence, hence methane. Not a killjoy but do you see how my concerns at having Austerity, meaning choice between eating food and heating your home, are misplaced while everyone I know smokes and/or drinks? And there has NEVER been a recession without cigarettes and alcohol in super abundance.
    Let’s get real now.

    • When will understand that CO2 has nothing to do with anything? You can complain about people that drink beer and smoke cigarettes all you want because you don’t like either practice, but get real about what causes weather. And shutting down coal generators is as stupid a thing as you can do in a cooling world – and this IS a cooling world, not a warming world. And, by the way, I read your entire post.

  2. Ummm, if Marco Polo rams are expanding their range into Spsin, we’re in the late stages of a full blown ice age! (Look up a photo). I know, not actually. Still, a ram like that shouldn’t succumb.

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