Spain winter starting like last winter, the worst in about 100 years

I´m writing from San Rafael (Segovia) right now, about 50Km north of Madrid.

Falling snow and about 5cm cover right now. We remember very well last winter here, worst in about 100 years with 50-100cm thick snow for a lot of weeks.

The situation is similar to last times: polar vortex collapsing over UK and then dropping down to Spain and N.Africa:;-18;2&l=temperature-500hpa

Thanks to Luis G de la Fuente  for this info

“pd.- the only reference to weather we had for the last week in mainstream media was about the melting of the last glaciers in Spain,” says Luis.

10 thoughts on “Spain winter starting like last winter, the worst in about 100 years”

  1. North Africa snow confirmed too. Here in Morocco , all mountain ranges except Anti Atlas are covered by snow. Too early for authorities , who didn’t prepare and roads blocked . Usually snow arrive in December , never it was October !

  2. Last night we really got some snow in Barrie. Not a lot but some.

    Spain probably needed some rain and snow.

  3. Boy, this global warming snow is a bitch……wait a minute, were we not told that our kids would NEVER see snow? 🙂

  4. presently down sth isnt that warm either
    just starting to see over 20c days but nights are still crisp 5c or so
    which isnt bad, except if you want seeds to sprout!
    taken near 2 weeks for pumpkin seeds to begins to show life, usually 5 days or so. no beet carrots etc in ground are moving, and this is getting to be very late in spring;-/

  5. I am so tired of watching the BBC for the weather. Any really cold weather is immediately down-played. One of these days something really bad will happen because of the MET office and the BBC always tooting ‘Global Warming’ bias and many are going to probably get buried in snow on some unexpected occasion. The UK govt has invested absolutely nothing to combat a ‘shifting to much colder climate’ weather as they follow the narrative of the ‘Global Warmists’. None so blind as those who refuse to see!

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