She speaks five languages

28 photos of Melania Trump

She has a degree in architecture and speaks five languages – English, French, German, Slovenian and Serbian.

9 thoughts on “She speaks five languages”

  1. And this has some relevance to ice ages? It might be interesting if she was eligible to run for US President, but even then she would have no effect on the climate.

    • You are correct. She would have no effect on climate. Neither do the rest of us. Neither does CO2.

  2. Both ‘Killary’ and Trump are dodgy ..depends on what side of a dirty coin you prefer. Only thing about Trump would be a maybe on Climate fraud..And a maybe about relations with Russia.

  3. she could and I suspect would have a GOOD effect on any visits Trump makes to the EU as President
    unlike the present incumbents spouse

  4. As a power behind the throne, she has a lot in common with Bill Clinton. A sad commentary on how far our society has deteriorated in the last 50 years.

    The collapse of moral structure precedes political dissolution. “The Rise and Fall of the American Empire.” In a little over 200 years.

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