Spending package won’t block Obama climate deal

Funding ability survives – Video

“In a victory for the Obama administration, the spending package released by congressional leaders on Wednesday won’t block American financial contributions to an international climate fund for poorer nations, ” says thehill.com.


13 thoughts on “Spending package won’t block Obama climate deal

  1. Suckers !

    Ooops – I forgot our idiot in chief committed money to climate as well.

    But your idiot isn’t as evil as ours – our PM took money from starving 3rd world charity funds to simply waste on trying to change the weather.

    There’s stupidity and evil and both combine in climate charlatans !

  2. Of course it won’t. Dems & Repubs are just two sides of the same coin. You don’t think the repukes that own or profit off the climate scan have been hammering their bought and paid for reps about this? Come on man! Shame on you if you don’t think there’s an significant difference between either party.

  3. If it’s not mandatory, and the climate fraud is fully exposed for what it is, then dont expect that money to survive much past 2019.

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    Just a few headlines in the news. And the American president wants to spend zillions of dollars on climate change. As if a debt of 19 trillion dollars is not high enough. http://usdebtclock.org

  6. meanwhile americas homeless and low income go without..
    and your veterans get health care pulled
    roads and bridges don get fixed
    but no worries
    hand out billions to people who do NOT have a co2 caused problem.
    the mans a raving lunatic and should be removed from office.

  7. We have not been able to be on a fair playing field with the AGWERS, if we are gonna fight agw , lets do it right. close down all golf courses, football baseball,basketball, soccer games, parades festivals, no more flying around for holidays or vacations, no more hunting ,fishing snowmobiling boating or any other movement that might cause more of the life giving gas. No, i don’t think we’ve been playing fair, we need more of the stupid general public on our side. We should throw that in their faces next time we are told agw bullshit. Because the spoiled agw brats are 180% hypocrits. Anyone ever hear Odumbos golf score? I wonder if he even plays or just pretends to for secret meetings. Do most Wahabist fund raisers play golf?

    • “Squatterman”…

      Americans are the most “stupid” people of “any” Nation in the “History” of Mankind !

      And stupidity should (Must) be “rewarded”

      Let the cards fall what may…..

      • Yes and they’ve put it in our foods, type in- Opiates in wheat, that’s opiate as in opium,Duh duh dumbs your brain and start reading. If this don’t piss you off nothing will. I became gluten intolerant due to surgery 17 yrs ago, no help from doctors ate it for 6 yrs. and almost died. It’s in almost all foods and allowed by several hundred ppm by law in a lot of gluten free labeled foods, it was even in my water softner salt. The salt co. said it was citric acid, is a food preservative really needed in salt? no, its a good place to dump excess free trade crap & dumb down your brains. sorry its not a yuppie thing after all. don’t believe me, look at Americans, too much gluten causes obesity & diabetes

  8. The Republicans control both the House and the Senate, and could basically hand Obama his hat as far as any current or future legislation is concerned, including this most recent spending bill. The fact that they don’t do it makes you wonder if it isn’t time to start talking third party. The Republicans are essentially working for the same special interests as the Democrats. We need a party of the people, not the special interests.

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