Spike in coronavirus deaths

China on Thursday reported 254 new daily deaths and a spike in daily virus cases of 15,152, after new methodology was applied in the hardest-hit province of Hubei as to how cases are categorized. This startling news wasn’t mentioned until way down toward the bottom of an article entitled “15th Case of Coronavirus in U.S. Confirmed in Texas Patient.”

The total reported deaths from the more than 2-month-old outbreak stood at 1,367, with the total reported number of confirmed cases mounting to 59,804.

In an unprecedented measure to contain the disease, recently dubbed COVID-19, the Chinese government has placed the hardest-hit cities — home to more than 60 million — under lockdown.

In Vietnam, official media reported that a village of 10,000 northwest of the capital Hanoi was put in lockdown due to a cluster of cases there.

In Japan, 44 more people on a cruise ship quarantined in the port of Yokohama have tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total number of infections to 218 among its 3,700 passengers and crew. (If I remember correctly, there were only 10 confirmed cases when the quarantine began.)

COVID-19 Virus Cases Surge After China Revises Way Count Is Tallied

The article at this link contains a map showing the countries where confirmed cases are located:

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  1. I posted this link to a Twitter account a few days ago. Surprised it is still up because similar accounts have disappeared. The poster appears to be in China, and you are cautioned the brief videos of the police and army, the fires, the pet culling and the massive spraying that is occurring are not pleasant. Also, a lot of attempts at sarcasm or “gallows humor.”

  2. This spike is due to a change in the method used to confirm cases, not to an uptick in the actual number of cases. The daily increase in confirmed cases should drop to considerably less than 15000.

    For an explanation:
    Youtube channel: Dr. John Campbell
    Video: Wednesday 13 February

  3. This is the “cosmic monkeywrench” from left field. It is, BY THE HOUR, shutting down Planet Earth’s fastest growing mega-economy. The vast supply chains & financing tools are coming unhinged daily. While everyone outside of China is “putting on a happy face” and castigating China, those in the know are terrified. NatGas is about to break below a 20+ yr. low, oil a 19 yr low, keep your eye on “Dr. Copper” if it (now@$2.61/lb.) breaks below $2, next stop is $1.48; all indicators of global commerce taken offline by China. And that’s not even the financial consequences: the DOW is having a classic “blow-off top”, and is poised for a massive correction.

  4. Multiply that figure by ten and you’d probably be closer to the real death toll. And it’s getting worse since there have been all these idiots going to China for their New Year.

    Too bad the world can’t close the door to China, because a lot of completely innocent non-Chinese are going to die from this virus.

    In the early 2000s, China, mostly in the Hong Kong area, went through a period called “The Era of Wild Flavor”, which was a craze for wild/exotic meat–that was the source of SARS. I thought that aberration was over and done with. Nope, idiots over there are still buying that stuff. Who in their right mind is going to eat something like a pangolin?! Or a snake, especially if one doesn’t know its provenance? If I don’t know where it comes from, I don’t eat it. Full stop. Especially meat. I get my meat from organic, certified humane sources. The reason I don’t eat regular meat is because animals raised on factory farms have tons of antibiotics in them and even in spite of that (or more likely because of antibiotic overuse) they have diseases as well. My suspicion is that someone prepared snake or whatever and didn’t wear gloves whilst doing so. If they had a sore or accidentally cut their hand, that would provided an pathway into a human’s body. BTW, this is exactly how HIV ended up in humans. And like AIDS, this thing is, at base, this virus is a zoonosis, even if it can also be spread through aerosols.

  5. Just remember: in a population of 1.6bn, you expect to get 20 million deaths a year just through natural wastage.

    So any new disease killing less than 1 million a year is seriously not going to cause humanity to become extinct……

    This Coronavirus scaremongering is seriously stupid: until there are 100,000 deaths confirmed, this is just a normal winter for flu.

    • I agree with you.

      There is nothing here but an attempt to drive the Market down so that TRUMP will look bad.

      This is your typical Media attempt. The Media is desperate to stop TRUMP. thus a collapse in the market, due to some Beer Flu, is all they have at this point.. So Sad.

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