Spokane snowfall shatters previous record

Almost doubles the old record.


According to the National Weather Service, a record 3.2 inches of snow fell at Spokane International Airport on Sunday, November 5. This almost doubles the old record for the date of 1.9 inches set in 2013.

As of Monday, the airport had already received 6.5 inches of snow this month – 6.1 inches more than is typical by November 6.



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4 thoughts on “Spokane snowfall shatters previous record

  1. with recent snowfall in Seattle and now Spokane, it sure doesn’t look like the hot lava spitting out of Gore’s mouth is having much of an effect.

    Don’t forget according to him, the more it snows there and the more record lows we get there, the hotter it must be there at the time right?

    Hot = Cold
    Cold = Hot

  2. It has been changed to climate change and since there is more snow that average it is proof of climate change.

    It is impossible to disprove this as well, because even if the weather was exactly average, that would be a change and would also prove climate change, since not changing is a change.

  3. Sure going to upset the Eco-Supremacists when they want to fly into Spokane, on their private charters, and take the Limo up to their private Chalets on the Ski runs.

    Tsk Tsk. Daddy is sorry, Buffy.

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