Spring snow brings road and school closures, bus crashes in Manitoba

25 Mar 2015 — In some places school has been cancelled in rural Manitoba as the province is hit by snow Wednesday morning.

Fort la Bosse, Park West, Border Land, Garden Valley and Red River Valley school divisions have cancelled school.

The Franco-Manitoban School Division has cancelled classes at St. Agathe and St. Jean Baptiste schools, and buses for Jours de Plaine, St. Lazare and Aurèle-Lemoine schools.

Turtle River, Beautiful Plains and Garden Valley school divisions have cancelled buses, while Lakeshore School Division is open and buses are running, but bus delays are expected, with some pickups possibly not serviceable. A bus rolled on Highway 75 south of St. Adolphe near the Glenlea Research Centre, closing that highway.

A crash also closed the westbound lanes of the Trans-Canada Highway from Headingley, Man., to five kilometres west of Elie, Man.


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4 thoughts on “Spring snow brings road and school closures, bus crashes in Manitoba”

  1. How can this be happening? After all it’s spring and we’re in a period of global warming according to the warmist factions. Too bad the media is less than honest. You never hear of it contradicting the so-called global warming, much less reporting extreme cold events. Very little has been mentioned on the extreme freeze-ups of the Great Lakes during this winter and last. They like to deny what is obvious in order to help the government and its minions to save face by allowing them to continue to promote their false agendas.

    • same thing happening in Australia we have a left wing news media so snow,record cold, hail,record sea ice, news blackout

  2. I’ve just made a complaint to my college. I was given material to read on planetary atmospheres. Of course AGW was mentioned, and the tutor who wrote the article actually used the words ‘climate change deniers’. Talk about trying to brainwash the students! It’s incredible.

    • Welcome to the world of the elite and the “eco-NAZIs.” You’ll be lucky to keep your student status after complaining.

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