Springtime in BC – Snow-covered Mt Washington

Springtime in BC – Snow-covered Mt Washington

“Hello everyone. I am sending this posting from Courtenay on Vancouver Island,” says reader Steven Rowlandson.

“Although we have spring like conditions near sea level up on Mt. Washington things are a little different at the moment first thing in the morning April 19th 2017.”

Mt Washington is about 270 miles northwest of Seattle.

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  1. One of the things I noticed in recent years is that it really doesn’t take super cold temperatures to have snow. At or a little below zero Celsius plus 100% +\- humidity is all you need to make snow possible. In the case of the Mt. Washington snowfall these conditions are found at higher elevations and at lower elevations closer to sea level you get rain.
    It is mountain weather. When you take into account the sun spot cycles and the ice age cycles of varying magnitudes what we are seeing could get very interesting if it persists into late spring or even summer and starts doing it year after year. At the bottom of the last sun spot cycle I reported snow bases on the mountain of up to 14 meters more or less and with a little digging this could be confirmed. Some time in the 2008 to 2010 period we saw big snow bases and skiing on Canada Day.
    The next bottom in the sun spot cycle is predicted to be somewhere around 2018 to 2020.

    NASA needs to update their sun spot graph.

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