Sharp drop in global temperatures

Strong cooling in the Equatorial Pacific in the last seven days.

Ocean surface temps - 18 Jun 2016
Ocean surface temps – 18 Jun 2016

Global ocean temperatures are still mostly down over much of the globe, particularly the Mediterranean,

La Nina ever closer.

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  1. La Nina, Sharp drop in global temperatures, drastic drop in solar output, sun spots disappear, cosmic surge under way. Coincidences or the perfect storm brewing?

    What do you think?

    • What do I think? I think that NOAA and GISS will report yet another record warm month for June, and that they’ll announce 2016 was the hottest on record in late January ’17.

    • John, just as El Nino didn’t indicate climate warming, La Nina starting to develop doesn’t indicate climate cooling. Both are weather, not climate.

      I was more concerned by the extension of Winter DURING the El Nino just past. I consulted a chronology of weather during the coldest parts of the Little Ice Age which ended in 1850. Often the summers were of normal temperature , but unreliable as to starting and ending dates which played havoc w crops.

      And I continue concerned about the spraying of aerosols (so-called contrails), which artificially cool the temperature while they are dismantling part of our energy infrastructure. They’ve already informed us in California to expect rolling blackouts this summer.

        • What gibberish! What’s next! Our shit releases methane that warms the earth so we have to not shit ever again if we want to control the climate!? Lol

            • But, but… if it disproportionately affects bean eaters… won’t they’d be at risk of La Raza accusing them of being “racist” and then they’ll fold!

              OR maybe they’d get some kind of special exemption if you’re an “ethnic bean eater”? as opposed to any ol’ bean eater (that would include me!)

          • Hi ClimateChange4realz,

            John here from the first comment. To be fair to Penelope I don’t think she is referring to the usual chemtrails emitted by aircraft which the AGW brigade attribute to global warming but the attempts by NATO aircraft to abate atmospheric temperature rises by dispersing reflective substances via their chemtrales containing fine aluminium particles amongst other elements into the atmosphere.

            Some believe that as did Sir Isaac Newton what goes up must come down and some today believe that these particles are eventually falling to earth. From there they are making their way into the food chain through cereals, vegetable and livestock ingesting it through grazing. Whether there is any substance in these claims I don’t know as I am just a layman however, there are some in the scientific community as well as US congress whom attribute these chemtrails to clusters as well as spikes appearing in neurological conditions such as Alzheimers and dementia.

            There was an article on this website detailing the aforementioned. I’m sure if you search the website or contact Robert he’d be able to point you in the right direction.



            • Elevated levels of aluminium ions in humans lead to brain damage and a form of dementia has been recorded even when a temporary event in a water treatment plant resulted in breakdown of some of the aluminium sulphate “floc blanket” releasing high levels of aluminium ions which passed into the mains supply.

              People drinking this water high in aluminium ions had various symptoms of dementia until the aluminium ions were removed from their water supply. Some may have suffered kidney damage.

              Such high levels of aluminium ions are not usually found in water.

              Some even claim aluminium cookware is unsafe- though I’m sceptical on that one – teflon coatings are likely more susceptible to ingestion as they break down.

    • This is a normal cyclic event which has a 172 year period, a 140 year warm segment, which can be seen in the C14 and BE10 records all the way though this interglacial, It’s also accompanied by a 32 year cool sun phase called a Solar Minimum.
      The cosmic surge you report is also tied to the energy outputted by the Sun via the Solar Wind, when its reduced during a Minimum, the cosmic ray count increases on the Earth.
      Providing our civilisation can continue for the next few hundred years so that we can transition to a Hydrogen fuelled fusion economy, we should survive the coming end of the Interglacial and the abrupt decent into a full on Glaciation
      However, if our technology is ham strung by the Green Anarchists Luddites who are in charge of science in the US at the moment, then Human kind will end up back in the stone age and become a prey animal once again.

    • I think all we hear about is that it’s “Unusually hot in Arizona”. We allow the minority to act like the majority and this is what we live with, makes no sense.

      • As a 30-year resident I can state that “unusually” hot summers aren’t all that unusual. The all-time high of 123 degrees was set after the 1991-1992 El Niño. We haven’t got there yet and this El Niño is fading fast.

  2. Like I said, the monsoon kicked in, rain from border to border, Arizona to Canada and off the radar north into British Columbia. Not that anyone listens to me.

  3. Here in Malaysia at 5 degrees N latitude, we have been getting cooler weather even on sunny days.

    So I expect La Nina will arrive on time.

    • Glad to have cooler weather during fasting month…the weather in Penang getting cooler is good news…..

    • After La Niña all out cooling nonstop for the next 15 years! Fasten your seatbelt AGW believers it going to be one hell of a bumpy ride!

  4. The record el nino was supposed to bring drought to the entire east half of Australia (the west half being arid and desert) but instead there was constant rain east of the Great Diving Range which runs the length of the Continent north south . Drought was reported in far western Queensland yet this area is basically permanently dry as it only rains when a cyclone penetrates the interior. There was a tiny spot of land in western Victoria said to be in drought but it was laughably small and did not make the papers. Fascinating is the turning of the Indian Ocean Dipole which is bringing rain across the country from the west at the same time as the hilariously named “instant la nina”.
    Rain is now falling in a huge swath coast to coast with the wettest June on record and plenty of snow in the Aust. Alps. There are forecasts for more snow as far north as the central tablelands of NSW and the Adelaide Hills in SA, which is rare.
    Yes this has all happened before but it is 2016 and this was certainly not meant to happen and is the opposite of predictions.


      TAKE CARE!


    Yes this initial cooling is related to El Nino ending but as the cooling evolves this might give us clues if something other then the El Nino’s end is contributing to the cooling. I am talking solar.

    If these solar related items respond in the following manner to prolonged solar minimum conditions if the cooling progresses the case for a solar climate connection is going to be stronger.


    1. Global cloud coverage increase linked to Galactic Cosmic Rays.

    2. A more Meridional Atmospheric Circulation linked to changes in EUV light which effects Ozone distributions in the atmosphere.

    3. An increase in Volcanic Activity linked to Muons a by product of Galactic Cosmic Rays

    4. Surface /Ocean Heat Content drop off linked to a decrease in UV light just below the wavelengths of Visible light.

    5. The cooling itself, how does it CONTRAST in degree of intensity to past cooling events when El Nino conditions ended and La Nina conditions commenced when the sun was in an active state such as was the case last century.

    As of now minimum solar conditions are getting close to the solar criteria I have called for which would impact the climate.

    For example EUV light has recently fallen below 100 units and the Cosmic Ray count is close to 6500 units, while Solar Flux readings have fallen to less then 90.

    Solar Wind /AP INDEX – still elevated but they should subside to the criteria I have called for going forward , which is AP index 5 or less and Solar Wind Speeds of 350 km/sec. or less.

    • It is Coming to crush all the AGW believers sending them down to there graves! Ha ha ha!

    • Hello Salvatore, thankyou once again for your detailed opinion I have been reading your comments for a number of years now with interest. One question, can you put a time line when cooling may occur.

  6. captainfish- “I know where the heat went…SW and Central US.”

    Damned straight! It’s getting hard to believe in an ice age while spending 8 hours a day stuck with my face in a fan. I can’t seem to get my AC installed-it gets too hot too fast to finish the job. Everything has to be done early in the day, or it doesn’t get done.

    How many people died of heat stroke during the LIA, that’s what I want to know. I was promised cool summers! I’m sick and tired of this, and I’m not going to take it any more! I’m going to throw my TV out the window!

    Move over, RickS! I think I have ergot poisoning!

    • I feel you! Live in south Florida! Been living here for 16 straight years! On a good winter day it will get down into the mid to upper 30s and get right back into the 70s and 80s the next I absolutely hate Florida weather!

    • Millions died of famine during the LIA. Crop failures and all that. You need Summer’s to grow crops.

  7. Thank God I have never had to experience Florida or Louisiana. Missouri is well nigh unliveable in the summer!

    But it does have one redeeming quality-resistance to change. I can easily believe that whatever disasters befall this nation and this world-ice ages, plagues, wars and rumors of wars, meteor showers, rogue planets, asteroid strikes, volcanoes-Missouri will be the last place on the planet to experience them. Because nothing ever changes here! I hated that when I was young, now I have come to appreciate it.

    But I still despise the summers, and I don’t appreciate the information that summers in the ice age were not cooler, just unreliable!

  8. Unfortunately, the argument about contrails is called balderdash. Here is an example that all you educated folks can express on. What is the difference in a contrail, and a volcano display? Both are upper atmospheric and can change the weather patterns and ?
    Another instance, contrails and cloud seeding? ..

    • The mineral content in snow diminishes as you go from west to east in the US. Highest on the Pacific coast mountains and Sierras/Cascades. Reason: not contrails, but airborne pollution carried across the Pacific from China.

  9. The link was for an article…….IN FRENCH!
    Is this blog in France?
    Why have an article in English that has a link for a French article?

    • Why English only? We get a huge amount of traffic from various countries around the world. Besides, the article you are referring to is in Italian, not French.

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