On stage with George Noory

The show was sold out! More than 800 attendees.


Last night I appeared on stage with George Noory, host of the popular radio talk show Coast-to-Coast am.

Here’s a cell-phone shot.

On stage with George Noory

And here’s a shot from the balcony.

What a blast!

And what a surprise! Even though the show was held in a very liberal area of the country. the audience erupted into spontaneous applause – and cheers – when I said I did not believe in man-made global warming.

Not everyone cheered, of course, but I’m guessing that well over half of the croud agreed.

Maybe there is yet hope for common sense.

10 thoughts on “On stage with George Noory”

  1. Well done, nice to hear you had a receptive audience. Your are obviously getting a feel for the national appearances, so next it will be international dates?

      • hmm now theres a thought Robert;-)
        the IPA (institute for public affairs) mob had a recent OS contingent visit here to help counteract the bloviating all e goricals tour promoting his newest nontruth inconvenience
        I will try n find some of their stuff and forward to you for contact etc
        congrats on the airtime msm wise
        all to the good in the battle for sanity.

  2. Well deserved, if I may, Sir Robert, as seeing the endless fight you determined to put forth against falsifiers and soothsayers, enemies that would have us captive, silenced and dumb.
    Of all the sites visited, this site Sir is my favorite, you have never wavered nor gave a hint toward retreat in that which is a just fight to pursue.
    Regardless of future events and years that may pass, I know my thoughts will at times be reminiscent of your Not By Fire By Ice site.

    God Bless the USA and her defenders for a better world.

  3. I, too, live in Liberal Religion land. Port Townsend. By standing against them they become FURIOUS and run away ! They cannot comprehend that one would question Mother Jones, PBS or the Democrats!! When you counter with a fact or two; much gleaned from your links; they meltdown! Please be careful, Robert. They want to kill you. I have been following your site since the first time I heard Art interview you, many years ago, and have heard you several times in the ensuing years. I went back to the Golden Book encyclopedia, printed in the 50’s, that completely explained the Ice ages. Yuri Bezmenov explains how we have lost at least two generations to overt subversion. Listen to his lectures on youtube. He defected in 1979.

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