Stark difference between candidates concerning the environment

“Hillary Clinton is a strong advocate of shaping future government polices based on climate change, no matter the cost.”

“Donald Trump has made clear that he has promised to cut back the power of the EPA to put forth costly regulations that are hurting industries and destroying jobs.”

With the EPA getting ever more brazen in its attempts to control our lives and our livelihoods, I think it’s time to drastically cut back on its power.

(Above quotes from the Republican National Committee)


10 thoughts on “Stark difference between candidates concerning the environment

  1. “The closest thing we have to a global plague is the infestation of professional environmentalists that traipse to the world’s top tourist destinations to confabulate new terrors designed to intentionally transform the economic development model of the world, which has produced so much health and prosperity since the industrial revolution.”

  2. the EPA needs to get its own house in order..
    how many of the billions spent paying them on superfund sites actually got used ON the sites?
    and how many DID actually get cleaned properly?
    from what I read very few are completed even less are actually considered “clean and safe”
    and thats HOW?? many decades?
    have to be close to or over some 40 yrs?
    late 60s early 70s?

    try being in Aus
    every damned states EPA makes it own rules
    and FEW if any of their rules n regs are findable
    they state you cant musnt its illegal
    but the actual LAW n statutes?
    I have been hunting for weeks and cant find

  3. Hi Robert… I agree with you on this one totally, though I suspect you may have one or more of your readers coming back at you with a “don’t mix politics with discussions on climate cooling” remarks. So for those folks I will add the following info documenting yet another totally bizzare politician coming up with AGW nonsense. CA has just passed a new law regulating cow farts:

    and for those of you readers who would not look at anything if it came from Fox here is another link related to the same subject:

    I’m not going to add a whole lot of links because I know that takes Robert longer to review the post. But my point is that YES! … politicians are taking sides on this topic, usually with very strong opinions and plans to punish people who disagree with them.

    And how would regulate cow farts anyway? Tell farmers they can’t feed them chili (I’m sure they don’t already).. no, they are either going to charge the farmer a fine or make them cut the size of their herds by 40% or something? Expect the price of milk to go up!

  4. Turn over the entire EPA to the U.N. in handcuffs!
    Then handcuff the U.N. general assembly and send them to the Middle Eastern country of choice. Since they have no taste for cleaning up the mess they created over there let the U.N. and the EPA get a real taste for the social environment being created here in the States.
    Make that a one way ticket please.

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  6. Right now the United States is half warmer than average, and half cooler than average, sometimes a lot colder. Which half of the country do you think they are talking about. True, they are located in the East, however, isn’t this a national weather company? Last time I was to Los Angeles, it seemed like quite a large city to me.

  7. And yet apparently since winning the nomination Shrillery has gone so quiet on climate change that the famed UK loss making paper The Guardian is concerned. Could it be that being pro climate change isn’t a vote winner?

    As for the EPA, they are up to their necks in secret deals with the green blob and using private emails to avoid being forced to release them.

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