State of Emergency declared in Canada – Video

Some people trapped in their homes after severe snowstorms and blizzards hit parts of Labrador and Newfoundland.

As much as 30 inches (76 cm) of snow.

Thanks to Dean Koehler and Jimmy Walter for this link

4 thoughts on “State of Emergency declared in Canada – Video”

  1. Newfies boast of summer being one day in august! They can handle 30 inches of snow I think. Get the youngsters out there with the shovels.

  2. Sure, but the climate emergency freaks shall always find someplace warm on the planet – right now it’s here in Australia, but in a few months it shall be back in the N Hemisphere somewhere. It is disgracefully dishonest but hell, when has that little pesky fact got in the way of media “reporting?”

  3. thank god we have a carbon tax….it really shows how well it works!! (and i’m NOT putting a sarc tag…not necessary!)

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