State of emergency in Peru

Minus 10 C and 42 cm of snow.

24 July 2018 – State of Emergency in 32 districts. Snowfall forces suspension of work in the most affected areas of Puno.

Schools closed due to the intense snowfall in Puno. In Cusco, camelid mortality is evaluated.

In Puno, the snowfall that fell from Friday to Sunday froze the grasslands and the alpaca pups have no food.

In some areas, snowfall reached 42 cm (17 inches)  in height and continues falling. In addition, the temperature dropped to 10 degrees below zero.

The hardest hit sectors are the Macusani district in the province of Carabaya and high areas of the Ilave district; in addition to the provinces of El Collao, Putina, Azángaro, Lampa and Melgar, along with high areas of Chucuito.

Police officers from Calacoa and Carumas rescued seven people who were trapped inside a truck in the middle of the snowfall in the Laguna del Toro sector in Moqueuga, for almost six hours.×405/larepublica/imagen/2018/07/23/noticia-p22n1-nevada-sur.jpg

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  1. just wanna say first that this is easily the best site about climate you are doing a great job robert

    an open question to all you experts, here in sweden its been very dry, warm and just weird climate this summer. hard to explain, ive never experienced anything like it in my 30 years on planet earth. I can be out for just an hour and im getting burnt badly, never happened before. no rain at all also. it ALWAYS rains like mad here in the summer. summers used to be nicer in a way, hard to explain.

    everyone is screaming about global warming because of the warm weather but I have a disturbing feeling about this whole thing

    • The reason because of the warm weather in Scandinavia is due to the remnants of the hurricane in the northern Atlantic pushing heat northeast.

    • I am no expert but as I wrote elsewhere – I watch the wind because I kitesurf a bit. And the wind usually went in from the west, but these days it often blows from east – so much so I would call it “unusual”.

      I noticed the burning sun also, when I was driving all week between Malmo and Goteborg a month or two ago. It’s probably caused by the fact the air is dry, because in Venice, Italy, it was 30 degrees but the sun didn’t scorch like in Sweden when it was 29 🙂

    • viking,

      What you’re experiencing is weather. If you’re only 30, you don’t have yet enough years under your belt to know that events like what Scandinavia is experiencing this year occurs from time to time. It’s perfectly normal, albeit disruptive and unpleasant. This winter it might be abnormally wet; who knows. The important thing to remember is that climate is nothing you need to sweat about (pardon the pun.)

    • Check up Henrik Svedsmark and his research on cosmic radiation (our sun…) and cloud formation. Basically he say that a less active sun gives less clouds, or vice versa.

      And even the shills at the IPCC have given up the term “global warming”. It is now called “climate change”. Do not try to defend/fight that term. Even your own Swedish government calls it that by now, I even got a brochure from them regarding stocking up food for the next 500+ years.

      • tjena, jag beställde hans book the chilling stars den verkar bra

        som jag skrev tidigare, vädret har betett sig underligt flera år tillbaka, spec den här sommaren är helskum. det hela känns (magkänslan) väldigt illavarslande

        fotbolls vm, och nu skogsbränderna som kablas ut i media känns bara som distraktioner, man vill distrahera människor från någonting
        (Wait, I ordered his book the chilling stars it seems great

        As I wrote earlier, the weather has been strangely several years back, spec this summer is hellhead. The whole feeling (feeling of love) is very painful

        football vm, and now the forest fires worn out in the media only feel like distractions, one wants to distract people from something)

        • Ja, det er interresant det du sier om fotball vm. Jeg var i Tyskland under Russland-Saudi og ingen i baren var spesiellt interesert. Allikevel var det et enormt trykk for å dele ut penner og ferdig trykte skemaer for å gjette utfallet. Med öl som premier dagen etter. Vi fikk det samme i Sveits på ferie to veckor(?) efter: før Sverige-Sveits. Jeg nevnte til og med at dette var uvanlig till min fru. Det var et bra hotell och det är inte normalt med slik snakk från de ansatte.
          (Yes, it’s interesting what you say about football vm. I was in Germany during Russia-Saudi and no one at the bar was particularly interested. Nevertheless, it was a tremendous pressure to dispense pens and completed printed forms to guess the outcome. With beer as prizes the following day. We got the same in Switzerland on holiday two weeks (?) After: before Sweden-Switzerland. I even mentioned that this was unusual to my wife. It was a good hotel and it is not normal with such talk from the staff.)

  2. A Chronological Listing of Early Weather Events
    Just copy and paste into search engine, 1AD to 1900, a huge resource fo weather events. A lot of famine, a lot of floods and unbelievable freezing and heating. What has happened in the past, will happen again.

  3. It is winter down there this time of year. Did they get brainwashed by Al Gore and forget about the natural order of things?

  4. @viking : I’ve lived the summer of 1976 in Belgium and I can assure you : it was hotter and longer. Hot all summer with 16 consecutive days above 30°C.

    • I remember great summers before, its not that

      its the weird heat, the weird sun that feels like its hurting you if you are in it, the weird dryness. something “feels” wrong

      btw, aramis what a great nickname I love their perfumes

  5. poor damned alpacas and llamas again
    they have to learn to keep some bags of chaff handy!
    i have to admit id be saving ONE shearing a years wool and making the poor things some rugs for the bad times
    especially for the tiny ones.

  6. The Suns luminace has changed. The Sun is emmitting more UV-3 than before and is white in color, no longer yellow. UV burns. The Entire East Coast of the US and West out to PA has been suffering a deluge of record rainfall, no drought here. By Winter this will all fall as record levels of Snow.

  7. I am very thankful for your efforts in providing a balanced coverage of Earth’s climate. Here in Britain the media are hysterical about this year’s long hot Summer. They only cover hot extremes over the whole planet, and give the impression that the whole world is burning up. Nothing is ever said about any cold extremes. This is unfortunate as Britain is a densely populated island, with over 70 million people today. Very few of these people are going to listen to your message about global cooling and the Grand Solar Minimum. We also have a political establishment and Royal Family who firmly believe in global warming. Had this heatwave affected instead, say Mongolia, the media would not have been interested. The main evidence I obtain from you, Adapt 2030 and Oppenheimer Ranch etc. in support of your argument that the world is becoming colder is the fact that both the Arctic and the Antarctic are either stable according to the last 40 year mean or are becoming colder. This carries more weight in my opinion than either the warm or cold extremes in the mid latitudes of either hemisphere recorded in the last few years. However there is strong evidence for a substantial cooling in the North American side of the Arctic and Northern Hemisphere in particular.

  8. Similar story in Ireland and the UK. Extremely hot and dry with hose pipe bans in effect at various stages. Look into Piers Corbyn and his talk of a wild jetstream.

    Changes in solar activity (grand solar minimum) as the driver of this change.

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