States Ordered To Inflate COVID-19 Cases 15 Times Actual Rate – Video

Wouldn’t this be considered fraud in the business world?


Here’s a video of the Collin County Commissioners Court hearing in Collin County, Texas, where the Commissioners are instructed (ordered?) as to how to count Covid-19 cases. Collin County is north east of Dallas and encompasses Plano, McKinney and Frisco.

You’ll want to begin watching the video at 15:25

Earlier, only proven cases were counted.

  • Now, “probable” cases are counted (whether or not the person displays any symptoms).
  • Now, if you have had close contact with a “probable” case you are counted.
  • Now, if you display any two of the symptoms (whether you actually have the virus or not), you are counted
  • Now, if you have been to a location where the virus is endemic (where there are lots of cases – such as the entire State of Texas), and you test positive (even if you had it long ago) you are still counted.

You’ll especially want to begin watching at 22:00, where they describe the 17 possible ways to be counted as having Covid-19.

If I’m interpreting this correctly, each confirmed case spawns an additional 16 “probables” which now get added to the case count.

Oh, and lab testing is no longer required for a death to be counted as Covid-19.

You may want to check your county to see of they are counting probable cases as real cases.

Does anyone actually have any idea how many real cases are out there?

Thanks to Stephen Bird for this link

13 thoughts on “States Ordered To Inflate COVID-19 Cases 15 Times Actual Rate – Video”

  1. Heck, they’re PAYING hospitals to lie– $13k if it’s covid. $39k if they use a respirator. And doctors are doing it. Everyone’s “just protecting my job.”
    In the run-up to WWII there was an expression “All of Italy has a family” which names the pretext for failing to resist. It can be difficult to do the right thing; I understand now why it was so important to the gangsters to weaken religion.

    If you haven’t already seen the interview of the undercover nurse, you must see it. That most dramatic end reveals an element of what we are fighting.

  2. I know US is great, but we don’t have 1/4 all the deaths from Covid-19 in the world. That is how you know the numbers are inflated. Real numbers are probably closer to France, Great Britain, Russian etc.

  3. This just in, I was speaking to one of our security guys doing his rounds where I work just tonight. His wife is a nurse that knows a nurse she went to school with, who now lives in Arizona. This nurse in Arizona purposely sent in swabs to be sampled by a lab and she had not swabbed anyone with them! She sent in 20 like that and they all came back as Covid-19 positive! She had colluded with several other nurses to do this as they all were suspicious about what’s currently going on. I personally was not surprised at all. Now we all know why we’re having such a “spike”. I’m sure this is a common practice now.

    • would those swabs have GIVEN ccp-flu to someone who did not have it? if so, then that is evil more evil – purposefully infecting people who may be in high-risk categories (like nursing homes, perhaps?).

  4. Who is doing the ordering? I suspect that the orders are coming down from the global elite (i.e. the Illuminati) to the hospitals through the Freemason network, which controls all aspects of our political, business and ecclesiastical life. The same thing is happening with regard to the climate change narrative. All the world’s meteorological offices and universities are also controlled by illuminated Freemasonry.

    • That sounds a bit conspiratorial but then again I would not be surprised if what you are saying has some truth to it. I have never trusted masons.

  5. “Wouldn’t this be considered fraud in the business world?”
    Given an honest government and business community it certainly would be.

  6. My wife is RN in a prison infirmary and she is in charge of testing the inmates that come from another facility or hospital and all that claim any symptoms. Most of the results come positive.
    The inmates live in close contact, no masks, sleep 50 people per dorm, and many have serious underlying medical conditions (cancer, diabetes,compromised immune system…) NONE had serious illness, and the only one sent to the hospital with pneumonia tested negative, but after 3 weeks in the hospital returned healthy and tested positive.
    So, out of more than 1 200 inmates no deaths. Can you calculate the percentage?
    Oh, I forgot about the medical and administrative personnel and the security people. Another few hundred….
    The same with the ~800 members of our congregation.

    COVID-19 is a very serious problem. Be aware! Danger! … Really???????

  7. One thing that occurs to me is if it’s really as bad as they say, wouldn’t most of us know at least one of two people that have it, or have had, it or even died from it? I personally don’t know of anyone here in Utah. No friends, relatives, neighbors or co-workers, not one single soul!

    • I personally know three (two in their 40s, one in his 60s). All three completely recovered in just a few days.

      • Maybe they just had colds or the regular flu or even a sinus infection but were “conveniently” reported as having Corona virus? There are a lot of people who are said to have it or have had it but did they really have it? Was it simply false reporting?

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