Stay home! – Chaos in severe blizzard conditions – Video

Colorado motorists stranded for about six hours.

13 Mar 2019 – Intense blizzard conditions shut down I-25 in Colorado causing gridlock. The heavy snow and severe winds strand motorists from Denver to Colorado Springs for about six hours.

Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this video

“I would stay home under these conditions,” says Kenneth. “Forget going to work – it’s not worth your life!”

9 thoughts on “Stay home! – Chaos in severe blizzard conditions – Video”

  1. Nothing unusual here. Snow, wind, vehicles stranded. It’s happened before and it’s going to happen again. Native Coloradoians are used to this stuff.

    • Nothing unusual here you say, so where is the global warming?? were is AGW??? And this is in mid March not in January. Where is that GW when we need it???

  2. While it sucks for those people, I am secretly hoping all this snow will bring Lake Mead levels way up!

    • Id say lake mead will be filling rather nicely as this eventually melts n flows.
      in Aus our sth ausssie inland lakes are starting to get waters from the flooding thousands of km away in Qld. takes weeks but its worth waiting for.
      once theres water in Lake Eyre it changes the western districts /inland rainfalls for the positive for dry sth aussie and Vic farmers.

    • I agree, Brian. California is sucking up as much water and electricity from Lake Mead. If the lake goes dry, I’m out of electricity in my Southern Nevada location.

  3. If you look at a radar or satellite animation of the storm, it looks like a large tropical storm forming on land. Anyone else remember the day after tomorrow?

  4. Charles Schwab closed their office in Denver due to “Weather Conditions”! —- Is this “Spring time”?

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