“Stayin’ Inside” – Video – Coronavirus Bee Gees Parody

Here’s anther short video that you might enjoy.

Thanks to Kay Scharr for this video

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  1. The Sun Is Asleep. Deep ‘Solar Minimum’ Feared As 2020 Sees Record-Setting 100-Day Slump. May 12, 2020
    While we on Earth suffer from coronavirus, our star—the Sun—is having a lockdown all of its own. Spaceweather.com reports that already there have been 100 days in 2020 when our Sun has displayed zero sunspots.
    That makes 2020 the second consecutive year of a record-setting low number of sunspots— which you can see (a complete absence of) here.
    So are we in an eternal sunshine of the spotless kind?
    “This is a sign that solar minimum is underway,” reads SpaceWeather.com. “So far this year, the Sun has been blank 76% of the time, a rate surpassed only once before in the Space Age. Last year, 2019, the Sun was blank 77% of the time. Two consecutive years of record-setting spotlessness adds up to a very deep solar minimum, indeed.”

  2. Join the Fight Against Dangerous
    Covid-19 Misinformation

    The only way to stop this lockdown, police state and NWO agenda is to wake people up!

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  3. All I know is this rotten government of ours can go straight to HELL!
    The beaches and all are open here now but I was told that all the restaurants would open this week in SC. NOT!
    Just Waffle House and Perkins are open but nothing else.
    Unemployment rate hits 21 percent now. Thanks allot rotten government!

  4. Well, after 2 months of this lock down garbage I’ve had an epiphany! I think I’m beginning to understand maybe where kinky behavior comes from (maybe I should write a new book, challenging Master’s and Johnson; but I promise for now I’ll “keep it clean” here and just provides hints, rather than grossing you all out with details).

    So here I am ALONE, 24/7 … single, female and living over 3000 miles from any of my family and friends (even tho I can call the ,,, getting tired of that)…. no boyfriend or anything and don’t have any friends here really since I just moved across country to Arizona last August.

    But wait, I am lucky I live in a state where I’m allowed to drive to the store or for other essential things with no questions asked… so I’ve been driving around taking the “long way” home just to get out of the house and have to fill up on gas about once a week.

    And today, yes I realized how lucky I am that there are two(!) real live human beings I have had the chance to talk with who are not wearing one of those stupid masks in the past 2 months. Two MEN no less … aren’t I lucky??

    … OK, so here is the weird part. These two guys are the ones who pump my gas at the local gas station (the only place I’ve see that does this in years, and I’m handicapped and it really helps) and they are both friendly, fun to talk to, and pleasant enough to look at. But … I’m 69 and one of these guys is about 25 and the other maybe 35. I ‘fess up I’ve been having elaborate fantasies about the two of them. Is that ridiculous, or what?

    Yup, I think social “distancing” isolation is driving me batty !!

    • lol, well done Jean for even having the interest to have a fantasy;-)
      all too much effort and Im younger than you
      Ive really enjoyed the utter silence and lack of traffic except selis doing the usual supply runs through town
      i heard ONE plane go over a few days ago
      rare sound now
      enjoying that too
      Duck hunting season here and also none of them hunters around- most dont camp out and want park van orsite stays thats still banned.
      hoping we stay refusing ALL incoming visitors and all immigration for at least 2 yrs in Aus
      would sort out the housing shortages and give our jobs to our people for a change.

      • Where I live in Queensland we had the governments close beaches, police harassing people sitting in parks with acres of space around them BUT every day we have the local piolt training school flying all over the place,

        They are flying now more than ever – perhaps more customers because they are locked up ?

        Anyway just how the hell do you “social distance” in a light aircraft ?

        The whole lockdown thing was insane from the get go – we needed to protect the vulnerable – Not do what that piece of shite Cuomo did in ordering Aged Care homes make places available for COVID patients – he may as well have lined the elderly residents of these facilities up against a wall and shot them himself.

      • Hi Laurel,
        Well l normally I love peace and quiet, it’s just been *too much* even for me! I’m so much of an introvert I have to watch myself lest I go into what I call “hermit mode”…. and them I force myself to go somewhere where I’m around people for a bit. That, of course, makes it harder for me to make friends.

        Overall…I’m really noise sensitive, sometimes I’ve woken up just because of animal noises… hoot owls hooting or coyotes yipping. And I can’t sleep unless it’s pitch black and very quiet and this place suits me just fine for that even in “normal times”.

        At this point now all or most of the “snowbirds” have left and this place becomes a ghost town mostly. Now with the border closed except for essential traffic the freeway (a route that goes from Tucson to Mexico passes right near me)… that I can hear a bit during the day during rural people’s morning & evening commutes into town is much reduced, and much quieter. By night even in “normal” times that freeway traffic is almost non-existent.

        And it doesn’t take much of a drive for me to get to a spot where its extremely quiet… but where I can still see our beautiful mountains in the distance.

        Glad to hear you’re enjoying what you’ve got there (and I agree with you on that border-crossing visitors and immigration stuff). Unfortunately, around here any official closure may end up with more illegal crossings. Those extremely quiet roads I sometimes take… always have a border crossing vehicle sitting in wait for the unsuspecting though.

    • I don’t think that’s weird at all. But us men are stigmatized if we admit we might feel the same way about younger women. That’s a big no-no in our culture. But women are celebrates as “cougars” if they fancy younger men these days. We guys practically go to jail for the same.

      • I always thought men got a “pass” on that one (and were even the objects of envy by other men)… unless they step over the border and hit on underage women. And that works the same way for women who hit on underage men, you know. (And I have had to be careful a few times with how I act around those high school guys and their crushes … )

        Most of the men I’ve been involved with have been about 15 years younger than me my whole life… but it’s largely because that’s who’s been attracted to me. When I was younger especially I looked a LOT younger than my age and men my age almost entirely ignored me because of it. (For example, in junior high, my 8th grade class picture… I looked about 6 years old). Most of the younger guys who were attracted to me were surprised when they found out my age… but it’s true, they didn’t let them stop them.

        So, I don’t consider myself a “cougar” – at least in the sense that it’s usually used. I’m not pretty (“plain Jane”), a bit overweight, don’t wear tight dresses (or any dresses actually) and don’t chase guys (of any age)… but I do let them chase me if interested. I LOVE men, basically!

        Lucky for me, those young guys are “legal” and I should mention… I also admire the two of them for their great work ethic. And I let them know how much I appreciate that. The two of them have been working back-to-back 12 hour shifts lately.

  5. I think if this same virus happened in the days of the founding fathers, they would have done nothing. The thing was they basically believed it’s not the governments job to take care of people. There was no welfare or food stamps or anything like that. People were supposed to be responsible for themselves and whatever action they would have decided to take for a virus pandemic would be left up to them.

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