Steady cooling for the past 8,000 years

“Here’s the chart I like,” says reader. “I call it the Holocene Temperature taper, NH.”

It is labeled with the Roman and Medieval war periods and Little Ice Age. It shows steady cooling.

Fake climatologists like to fake temperature data and draw a vertical spike at the end.

Thanks to Yukon Jack for this chart.

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  1. It looks like the Holocene is just about done. Robert your move to Texas was probably a wise move baring any other hazards.

  2. As of 2019, Gaia is currently experiencing her lowest temperatures in 65 million years. Having peaked about 7,200 YBP (BC 5200), Holocene Interglacial Epoch readings have declined for 3,300 years to levels 12 – 15ᵒ F below the Eocene Thermal Maximum 55 – 60 million YBP.

    Despite Earth’s 140-year “amplitude compression” rebound from a 500-year Little Ice Age (LIA) dated AD 1350 – 1850/1890, Holocene warming ended in 12,250 + 3,500 – 14,400 = AD 1350, coincident with Kamchatka’s strato-volcano Kambalny Eruption reinforced by a 70-year Grand Solar Minimum from 1350 to 1420. As shorter growing seasons and crop failures induced global famine and disease, 14th Century human populations shrank 66% (!).

    Due to clandestine tampering with historical databases, the degree of 20th Century warming is imprecise; but odds are that levels were considerably below the prima facie inflated 0.6ᵒ F disseminated by culpable careerists from c. 1978. As evidence mounts that Dustmote Earth is entering a Super-Grand Solar Minimum due to last 70 – 110+ years from 2020/2030 through the early 22nd Century (Svensmark, Zharkova et al.), the fact is that Cold Kills. If the horrific 14th Century (AD 1313 – 1327, then 1350 – 1420) is any guide, Earth’s current 7.7 billion inhabitants face existential crisis through AD 2100+.

  3. This graph is far more accurate than all the other graphs with that fake spike at the end. There is NO spike at the end because after the last little ice age ended about 1850, it only warmed up thru the 1930’s – then the climate turned colder ever since.

  4. The original source of the chart shows the data reversed, I flipped the horizontal time scale for us civilians.

    The original chart I found on Anthony Watts site. It shows Northern Hemisphere data – steady cooling. We are in an Ice Age, we are at the tail end of an interglacial, the data shows steady cooling, perfectly normal curve just like previous interglacials.

    Someone might want to send a memo to those in charge of the media who think there’s “climate change” and “global warming”. We are in an ice age, we are still in an ice age, temperatures are dropping just like before, and it takes 10,000 years for temperatures to drop after the optimum temperatures are reached.

    All this talk about warming is just a grand popular delusion and madness of the insane alarmist media, see study of crowd psychology by Scottish journalist Charles Mackay, first published in 1841:

    Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

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