Steamboat – More than 2 feet of new snow over the weekend

Steamboat Springs, Colorado – 25 Jun 2019 – “We’re still waiting for all of the earlier snow to melt,” reporter complains. And only 7 days until July.

1 to 5 ft snow drifts and more than 2 feet (60 cm) of new snow.

“It’s ridiculous to have a huge snowstorm in June,” says resident.

Thanks to David Romero for this link

“Officials are afraid there may be flooding with the saturated soil and too much snow along with the monsoons on the way,” says David.

5 thoughts on “Steamboat – More than 2 feet of new snow over the weekend”

  1. well… we were warned about this in 2001 right here from Robert’s site! Remember?
    Perhaps people should have paid daily attention to this site since that time, expecting another ice age soon.
    After I found this site in 2001, I cancelled my cable TV because I didn’t want to be misled by false information any longer. (knowing that these stations are all run by liberals anyway)

    Keep up the good work!

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