Stevens Point, Wisconsin hasn’t seen temperatures of 90F or higher since August 2013!

An example of how summer temperatures in the Midwest have been declining for years now.

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Thanks to Ryan Green for this info

10 thoughts on “Stevens Point, Wisconsin hasn’t seen temperatures of 90F or higher since August 2013!

  1. Dallas is also forecasted with lower highs of 5 degrees or greater than the average high for the next week.

    If the weather patterns hold, this winter for the Midwest and northeast could be brutal.

  2. Wisconsin hasn’t seen temperatures above 89°F since August 2013, but even then 2013 looks almost like an outlier from the trend.

  3. Also, fall drought busting rains in the Dakotas are at least a month or more early. Highs in low 60s in August. Didn’t I just say 59 degrees in the heat of summer would sort of indicate a lack of warming?

  4. I hate to say it but…

    According to the British Met Office, most of Europe is suffering from 40C plus, some up to 44C.

    In Britain, we’re fine, usual 20C…

    • Just checked out Rome and Naples. Temps seem lower than average there. Whereabouts in Euope is the temp so high? Parts of Portugal seem pretty hot, but that’s normal for this time of year. Whereas other places such as Aix-en-Provence seem colder than usual. And where are they measuring these temperatures? In cities? They often use Heathrow Airport when they want to imply that the weather is getting hotter in the UK! Why isn’t the met (small m deliberate) not reporting the unusual low temps around the world. Answer. They are completely one-sided in their reporting.

      • Sorry, I pressed the button before I’d finished. I wanted to say that even if temperatures in Europe where quite high now, they’re nothing to what the temperatures were in the Medieval Warm Period. The idiots at the met should be studying the history of climate before they start mouthing off about global warming.

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