Still 16 feet of snow between Italy and Austria

“You all will be frozen by heat!”

“This year the opening of Rombo pass between Italy and Austria was postponed due to the large amount of snow,” says Italian geologist Dr Mirco Poletto. “The road service removed about 12 m (40 ft) of snow and still there are “walls” of about 5m (16 ft) of snow alongside the road.”

“Despite these facts someone still claim global warming exist… you all will be frozen by heat!”

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6 thoughts on “Still 16 feet of snow between Italy and Austria”

  1. the amount of warmist hysteria is directly proportional to the LACK of warming! the louder they scream the colder the weather reports they dont want you hearing

    • It was amazing during the really active tornado season a few weeks ago in the U.S., how the main stream media completely ignored the fact that the extremes were caused by really cold weather in the West and Midwest coming up against the Southeast warmth and moisture.

  2. Word is starting to get out. For a very interesting video entitled “Grand Solar Minimum”, go to Youtube channel “Tiny House Prepper”.

  3. Robert, family member just sent on the scene pictures in Estes Park, CO YMCA. The snow is higher than the visitor center. The visitor center has not yet opened this year.

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