Still cold in Russia

More typical of the end of April. And the possibility of snow.

Cold continues in Moscow.

For almost a week, Moscow remains dominated by cold weather. The lag in temperature is 3-5 degrees. A cold gusty wind blows, it rains regularly.

We warned that the cooling would be protracted. Moreover, from Thursday cooling will intensify.

The average daily temperature drops to + 8°C, this is the criterion from which the central heating is switched on. The weather will still be unstable and windy.

At night, slight frosts are not excluded. Daytime temperature will remain at + 10 … + 15°C. Such values ​​are more typical for the end of April. Warm weather will begin only on May 25.

Still cold in St. Petersburg

Since the middle of last week, cold weather has established in the Leningrad Region with an average daily temperature of 4-6 degrees below normal. Last weekend, this steady cold trend continued.

For a few more days, Petersburgers should not hope for warming. Until next weekend at night 2…4°C, during the day around +10°C. In some areas of the region there is a possibility of precipitation turning into wet snow.

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3 thoughts on “Still cold in Russia”

  1. Cold in more ways than one. The people of Russia (the Russians) still live in fear of the state after what was done to them by the Marxists that are still in power.

    All the world’s a stage,
    And all the Nations merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances;
    And one Nation in their time plays many parts.
    (Russia still the time old adversary of the west, but the true enemy is hidden in plain sight)

    Paraphrased from Shakespeare, given he was the author of the Merchant of Venice I’m sure he’d approve.

  2. Cold weather in the Baltic States and Belarus

    Shortly before the calendar summer, not only the Russian regions suffer from the cold, but also neighboring countries. In the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe, the outflow of arctic cold intensified on the eastern periphery of the Scandinavian anticyclone. A couple of very cold nights, in places with temperatures around zero, are expected in the Baltic republics. In some areas of Belarus it can freeze up to -2°C, wet snow is forecasted with rain.

    The temperature during the day is also not May, 9. .. 14°C, and on Thursday, May 21, a strong north-west wind will add a feeling of autumn cold.

    -“Something like that happens in Moscow:

    The nights will still be cool, in Moscow about 6°C, in the region of 2 … 7°C.
    Still below the norm 3 degrees.
    And this is already quite May temperature, although the temperature background lags by almost 20 days behind the calendar!

    When hot weather comes…is AGW, when it’s freezing cold… almost 1 month late, this is nothing to worry about.”

  3. Just now it is plus 7C here –
    near Moscow – at noon (!), so I doubt the 2050 weather “scientific” forecasts.

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